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    Hi - I had this query also, as I'm using the Mac trial version and wondered if the full Mac version had the materials library. However, I can't see how to import materials either, as the button appears to be greyed out. Is the import option that you mention Demian, available in the material editor of the full Mac version?

    Hi Toscano - no you can’t unfortunately with a demo/trial license. I enquired about this with Enscape and they told me that I would need to register another email address to obtain a separate demo license for Windows (I’m also on MacBook M1).

    Just looking to upgrade my M1 MacBook Air 2020 and have a budget of about £2.5k.

    Need it to be a laptop and want to stick with Apple. This is for use with Sketchup Pro, producing occasional mainly architectural renders, small to medium internal and external scenes, of mainly residential buildings.

    I have priced up the 2 following/attached Specs on Apple Store. Is it a no brainer that the M1 Pro 14" with higher CPU, GPU and RAM, will perform better than the M2 Pro 13"? Or will pushing the boat out by another £600, make a markable noticeable difference (M1 Max with 64GB RAM)??

    I'm not worried about display size, as use an external/secondary display.