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    I've just installed Enscape 3.1 on my machine, and it will not start when I press the Enscape start button within Sketchup. The process starts, then when it gets to 5% complete loading, it simply disappears. I've tried installing and reinstalling both SKP and the Enscape plug in, but to no avail..

    Does anyone have any ideas?


    I have to say I've been using Enscape for a long time, and it has really aided my design process. It's a fantastic piece of software with remarkably good results considering the cost and ease of use.

    However, the issues with the asset library need to be addressed urgently. The assets themselves were great when they were introduced, but they now lag behind the equivalent assets in Lumion/Twinmotion. The speed of loading the assets has always been maddeningly slow with the continuous reloading wasting time. This is really an area where Enscape is falling well behind it's competitors. Enscape urgently needs to listen to this feedback. In various threads I've read on the subject, Enscape has the propensity to explain away the issues without substantively addressing the issues that users are experiencing.

    Please prioritise addressing the issues with the asset library ...It's letting down an otherwise great software.

    Please let me know if you have any questions, I'm happy to help in any way i can.


    I just sent you a dropbox link to the model for your examination directly.

    The version/install name of Enscape I used to create the V1 rendering is:

    The version/install name of Enscape I used to create the V2 rendering is: enscape- (Apologies I don't have the install version screen grab because I've rolled the install back to V1.)

    I hope this helps...Please keep me posted with any info you may find to resolve the issue.




    Further to you post responding to my comments, I've attached some comparison images for your review:

    As an example, In the top image, you can see a view of a project rendered in V1 with an elevation in shadow (where the vertical fin elements are) that show a subtle reflective quality shown in the glass. In the bottom image you can see the same model, same view, time and settings rendered in V2 where the reflections on the same area of the facade are "blown out" i checked the normals, and even tried to adjust the materials to correct the problem, but to no avail. Also you can see reflective qualities of the parking structure to the right side are very different. Both images have been rendered in 4k resolution.

    Here is another example below, The top image is rendered in V1 with some nice reflections on the building facades and parking structure on the right.

    the image on the bottom shows the exact same model, scene, settings and resolution rendered in V2. You can see the subtle reflective qualities of the facades have been lost completely and the vertical fin facade is has been "blown out" matter how much tweaking i did with the exposure, materials, etc, I couldn't get to a similar effect as the V1 render.

    I think the change is pretty there anything we can do to remedy this defect? I would love to still use V2 with all of its other benefits, but as you know it always comes down the the quality of the renders...



    I've just "upgraded" my Enscape from version 1 to version 2. After testing it for a while, my general reaction to the new version is extremely negative. The overall look of the renders/outputs is VASTLY inferior compared to version 1. Let me be specific:

    1. The look of the model on-screen now has a messy, muddy and pixelated graininess that is utterly confounding compared to V1.

    2. The way reflections are rendered now seems duller and less distinct as compared to V1.

    3. Some of the lovely lighting subtleties especially using more reflective materials like chrome and aluminium and glass have been completely lost in version 2.

    I feel the upgrade has really lost ALL of the visual qualities that made V1 work so beautifully for us. The outputs as compared to V1 are utterly disappointing. The promise that V1 demonstrated is the reason my firm purchased our licences...We felt that Enscape was the first real-time rendering software that really captured subtle lighting effects as compared to your competitors. Without these effects, there's no point of using the software. This is a real loss for us. At this point, all of our architects that have evaluated V2 have reached the same conclusion. We've rolled back every installation to V1.

    Needless to say, I'm shocked at this apparent step backward. I think we need to see some improvement here to restore the products potential after our investment in your software.

    Please feel free to contact me to discuss this further. My email is