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Reminder: If you encounter any issues with Enscape (including installation problems) or your subscription please reach out to our dedicated support team directly through the Help Center or by using the Support button as detailed here. Thank you for your understanding.

    Hi Demian,

    Could you tell me what is going on with support? This issue is still ongoing and I have reached out to Daniel 4 times now with no response. He asked me to provide info for him which I did but then after that, I have had no correspondence. I started down this error path on September 15th and it is now September 28th and still no resolution. Should I mention that one cannot run a business this way that develops renderings? This is no beuno.

    Can you update me on where we are at since Daniel is nowhere to be found?


    I have now reinstalled Enscape and still get the same license issue. It at least is not dragging out when opening SU but the license still does not work and I am down to 17 days now and it will not even let me continue as a trial. I have deadlines now I have had to postpone due to this which is not good. I have sent the feedback logs.

    Waiting 12 hours for responses is not good either. Is there not anyone in North America to do support? I was expecting this to take maybe a few hours to resolve. We are now at 5 days. So what do we do now?

    None of that worked. In fact, it made everything so much worse. Once I uninstalled and deleted everything you said I rebooted it. I installed the latest version and then got a Net::ReadTimeout with #<TCPSocket:(closed)> error followed by a huge amount of ruby script errors. On top of that, my load-up went from a few seconds to 3 maybe 4 min. Once it finally loaded in I went to the license area of Enscape added my key and got the exact same results.

    I then uninstalled everything again and my load-up time for Sketch Up without Enscape was back to being mere seconds.

    It is a brand new Alienware machine with 64GB RAM, GEFORCE 4090 Video card with I9 processor. Not sure why Enscape is being so difficult on this. It worked with 2023 SU but as soon as I uninstalled 2023 and installed 2022 SU it has been a problem. SU2022 is running amazingly on this machine. 2023 just had way too many issues.

    So what now?



    I installed Sketch Up 2023 last week on my new laptop. Enscape loaded fine and worked fine with my license. That said though Sketch Up 2023 is a complete mess with a lot of bugs in it still so I uninstalled it and have now installed Sketch Up 2022 which is more stable. The problem is now I go to use Enscape 3.5.3+117852 and it installs but then shows the image attached where it says I have 21 days left on the evaluation. I click the Enter License Key then I paste the license key in and apply then hit ok and it does nothing. After I hit ok it still shows no key in the license box. What would be causing this. I have uninstalled 5 times now and still the same result.

    Can you help me out please?



    I am having that same issue. It is becoming very frustrating to have these cropped scenes set up to render and then the camera jumps back. My work around has been to render it larger and then manually crop in Photoshop although not ideal.

    Please let me know as well if there is a fix for this.



    Thank you for sending the link. I have it working. One thing I have noticed is the "H" key will not hide the keyboard instructions any more. Just thought you may want to know. Thanks again.

    Could I please get the link to the preview? I installed SU2020 as my license was up for renewal and Enscape is one of the main render engines I use for work and now I am dead in the water as I cannot access the engine. Can you please help me out. Thanks