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    On my two different machines Revit 2020 constantly crushes when adjusting just a tint of original revit material in the Enscape material menu. It persists in the latest versions of Enscape also. What to do?

    Sounds good, I did update right after the new Enscape release 3.1 and it didn't help, but will try it again.

    New drivers with specific support for Enscape 3.1 were made available by Nvidia last week via their website..

    Do you mean you went around typical Nvidia Geforce Experience and found the driver instantly in their download area?

    I have likely the same issue with Revit 2020 and Nvidia 2060 RTX. After deactivating RTX features in Enscape settings a project loads ok. I am afraid there is some drivers' issues. On the other machine there is no RTX video card, but it crashes while working with Enscape materials quite often.

    I'm sorry to hear about that - since this is a different problem in this case please kindly send in a Feedback report for sure as well with log files! This is the quickest and most efficient way to help you once since it sends over all the information we require from your machine/logs.

    Yes, Demian, I did it already this morning. No answer yet, probably need to roll it back for now to the previous version.

    Stuttering happens when you rotate a camera around to fast. For this there is a motion blur. Best codecs can mitigate it but to avoid it completely do not turn you head, only zoom in or out, or roll back/forth without moving a camera target. It occurs even with a real-world camera.

    Hello team!

    There is the following issues in 2.8:

    After last windows 10 update few days ago (not necessary due to) no sky and clouds appear in a view. Before the windows' update I saw a sky and any type of preset background. Now only blank background

    The button to create an issue is really bothering. Instead of orbiting round it pops up every time you click the mouse right button and if just you hold it properly then the orbit function start to work. Very uneasy).

    Looks like the latest release is more demanding in consuming video card resources. A prolapse in actions is noticeable.

    Need to roll back to previous version for a while. Hope for good news) :P

    Dear Enscape team!
    Thanks indeed for creating a software of very good quality and affordable price.
    Last times I have been working a lot on a landscape design with Revit and Enscape. Few essential shrubs, grasses, bushes are missing for creating an unbeatable and professional presentation.

    Evergreen bushes, good asset of prarie grasses, few flowers of red or rose color are in real demand.
    Among them are very welcome such species as

    1. juniperus horizontalis

    2. Taxus baccata

    3. Low mountain pine

    2. rhododendron

    3. oleandr

    4. fraser photina !
    5. Gortenzia white

    6. Flame Maiden Grass (should be a little different from what is now in the asset, not so flat-shaped palm)

    7. black eyed susan, sedum. lavender etc.

    8. Japan Maple

    9. Low mountain pine

    10. yellow potentilla

    Color of trees is really cold, oversaturated, quite unnatural, especially at the distance. That would be great if a user may adjust it so to receive multiple types of plants using just one shape.
    Also would be good if one may switch off the pots, they interfere sometimes with a project style.

    with :love:

    No, I did not realize I use* Nahimic since your advice to switch it off, I found it, it is a good embedded MSI hidden software that controls the music, sound etc.

    after deactivating it in Youtube for instance all the sound was incorrect - vibration, slumping down etc,

    I could not use it at all, so now my option is here : either to work and listen to the music or to work with Enscape in silence. Not so good you know));)

    Nahimic I have here in MSI machine. Will keep it in mind next time. I sent a feedback from the program. Please check.

    Happy now there is some relief, it works. I played with overrides but havn't found the exact trick.

    By the way, is it in your plans to create a short cut for Start/Stop button? Always stumble on this in complex model cause I need to activate/deactivate it hundred times a day.

    Thank you for your job!