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    Thanks for the information. It helps me to understand a bit. I must admit that this is knowledge that I have little mastery of.

    But why by extracting the texture (jpeg) and re-creating it works? The "extra data that SketchUp has with that in an xml file" changes?

    That said, I believe this is a problem that has happened to me a few times. Identifying where the error comes from is not obvious. I don't know yet how to understand error information like "Vulkan Error: vk::Queue: ErrorDeviceLost at queue submit" What it actually tells me. From what I understand is that there is a buggy information transfer? This is not a particular problem with SketchUp or Enscape as such. But this error can occur with other software (?)

    From now on, I will test more often the textures that come from the warehouse. It's pretty much the only way I can think of to avoid endless searching.

    A big thanks!:thumbsup:


    Demian Gutberlet

    Hi Demian,

    I too found a texture that crashed Enscape. Luckily, I was able to find it by eliminating what I had added to my model.

    It's a texture that comes from a model found in SketchUp's warehouse.

    Strangely enough, I extracted the .jpeg file from the texture and used it in a new model and it works.

    In short, I tried to trace the original model in the warehouse but its success.

    I send you the sketchup file with the texture. You may be able to glean some insight into the problem.



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