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    Another thing that irks me. I set a scene to have a total duration of 20 sec. I add another scene in between the start scene and the end scene and the total duration jumps to 39 sec. for no reason. I change it back to 20 sec. and set the middle scene to 10 sec., but it doesn't move the indicator on the timeline to the middle which is what would be expected.

    My scenes in Enscape seems to jump (field of view or zoom factor changes) when I hit export. It's doesn't happen consistently and it's not by much. When it does occur it's enough so it doesn't match the previous scene that was set up with the same view. Very annoying and makes moving from scene to scene smoothly in my video rendering program impossible. I've also, noticed that the shading/reflections change a bit as well.

    Can we get more working people in the asset library? Not in business clothes, but suitable for warehouse and/or factory work. Not sitting and not holding a phone or having a purse. Maybe holding a box, or in some pose that emulates doing some work, or just standing.


    Hi all,

    I've created a stereo panorama from a model drawn in Sketchup. I uploaded it to the cloud and saved the QR code to my machine.

    When I scan it with my iPhone all is good and I can view it in Google Cardboard.

    However, with my Samsung S20 it doesn't give me the split-screen when I click the VR icon.

    Anyone have a suggestion?

    Thanks in advance.