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    +1 for this request. I thought i had actually made this suggestion before.... certainly being able to see unbaked grasshopper geometry would be awesome!! similar to how vray are now including this kind of workflow.

    Hey we are having some issues with WMR through our HP reverb.

    Its all running well through steamVR however when in fly mode the camera will constantly be moving in the z direction up?

    Is this something anyone else has encountered?

    Thanks! Jesse

    After some advice regarding headset selection. Just tried a vive today with enscape and still found the quality a tad low res. Whats the best experience people of had headset wise? HP reverb? Pimax? or will the vive cosmos be worthwile wait?

    I would also love this but from another aspect as well.

    Would be good to be able to choose white model mode but then be able to tick a box in the enscape material that disallows the material from being overidden (this is a feature that works really well in vray).

    It would allow me to blanket the model as white except for key elements i might want material applied (temporarily).

    Would be great to see grasshopper geometry able to be previewed inside of enscape without the need to bake it, similar to what vray is now doing.

    This would allow me to keep the rhino file light as well and manage materials inside of grasshopper!