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    Anyone have a solution to decals not showing in Enscape. You can see below that the rug and picture decals show in Revit but not in Enscape. I'm running Enscape 2.0 and I've tried changing the render quality to low. Nothing makes the decals appear.

    I upgraded to Enscape 2.0 and there is a vast difference (negative) in how it performs compared to version 1.9.6. Navigating through the model in Enscape, movements are very choppy and the picture quality is very grainy. I am running it on the same exact computer. The performance of both Enscape and Revit was so slow I had to revert back to version 1.9.6. I've read some posts suggesting that a more powerful graphics card may be required. I am running NVIDIA GeForce GT 720 with configurations as below. Has anyone experienced similar slowdowns and do you have suggestions on how to address this problem?