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    Thankyou enscape! for releasing this feature in the latest build. The off-line library now allows me to fully utilize your assets in my scenes

    This was one of my biggest headaches when using your software which is now gone. Awesome!

    The slow asset library loading is becoming a real issue with your software.

    Please use the link below to access a video of how slow the asset loading is in our part of the world.

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    This basically make your asset library unusable.

    What is the hold up with a locally held folder with all the assets available off-line? I don't care if they are not always 'up to date' I just want to be able to access them quickly.

    You have mentioned in previous threads that they were once included in the install file so it must be possible.

    Why not provide us with the option to download an install file with embedded assets?

    It is super frustrating to pay for a product but then be unable to utilize it fully.

    Please provideus with a fix for this

    Given there is now a way in which you can create our own offline library of custom objects it makes me wonder why its so hard for enscape to provide an offline option for its own library?

    What about creating an archicad library file that holds all your assets already downloaded as archicad objects. The same thumbnails/folder structure could be used. This would allow archicad users to select thier enscape assets directly in archicad instead of thour the asset browser.

    The creation of such a library is not hard it would just take time to injest all the items into archicad and set up the thumbnails. Maybe there is a quicker way for you guys to do that internally??

    Would be a great solution for archicad users


    Thanks for the reply but this really needs to be solved. The download process already exists and the models are stored somewhere, in some from of cache I assume, so just build a process that allows that same process to happen on command and store the objects somewhere more permanent.

    I love the quality of images that your software creates and the lighting is still miles ahead of the new twinmotion 2020 but if it costs me time ($) to create the scenes because I am waiting for downloading assets then it becomes unsustainable and I will end up having to use one of your competitors products.

    There are tons of requests for additional features like BIM data and animations which you could spend hours developing but will still fall way short of what others are offering. Your main feature is a simple system that creates great images. Please focus on the customers who don't want to spend hrs developing a 3D scene. We just want great images of our static models.

    You are going to loose customers to the other platforms because they just do the other things better but they still haven't been able to replicate the ease in which your platform creates amazing lighting. The asset library is a feature where you can help with the simplicity and it has been a great addition to your platform but it is severely hampered by this downloading delay. The ability for the user to import their own assets is another area that will help keep customers on board.

    Stop chasing the 'BIM data' train and focus on the customers that just want great visuals and help them achieve that easily and quickly. These are the customers that will stick with you. Other platforms are far more advanced in the BIM Data field so let them have it. Don't spend hours developing something that is just a token gesture.

    Don't force your customers to look elsewhere because you didn't listen to them.

    How close are you to offering a local asset library?

    This is a real pain in the ass and stops me using the assets that you are providing. I would love to have a wider range of assets in my models but I can't afford to waste the time waiting for them to download. This is a real issue that could force me to look to alternatives which I really don't want to do but my workflow is severely affected by this problem.

    Totally agree the loading time is crazy. I know if you let them all load they get cached but when archicad is closed or PC restarted they have to load all over again. I like using the asset manager for selecting & placing but the loading delay is super frustrating.

    This is a major issue that needs a good solution so please let the developers know this.

    I like the idea that the preview thumbnails are held locally and sync'd while the actual asset download only happens when an item is selected and when it is downloaded it also gets held locally.



    Is there anyway of holding a local copy of the asset library that just synchronizes with the on-line library? Not sure if its just the fact that I am on the other side of the world but I have to wait for the library to load everytime I open enscape. It is becoming frustrating.

    Can there please be an option to download the assets and hold them locally.


    Thanks Pete. I really do hate the fact that Archicad is so old & restricted. it does the 2D documentation side well so its good to use for drawing plans but it stuck in the dark ages when it comes to being open to developments like Enscape. They are still promoting the Cinerender engine as there render system in archicad when Enscape, and others, have far out developed that engine and don't get me started on model collaboration tools!

    Anyway thanks for talking to your developers about it and if there is anything we can help you with in this development process then please let me know. Like I said the ability for enscape to read the values of specific parameters within an object in the scene would be the key to injecting the values needed into the Enscape engine.

    Nuge, Tikos, Zenoardelean - This can only be done in plan view at present.

    After talking with the developers about this, it appears that this may be problematic to implement, or at least require quiet some effort.

    I have, however added this as a feature request to our developer agenda.

    I agree this rotate functionality is really important when placing cars.

    From a parameters perspective I would assume Enscape currently has to injest the following values to be able to place a proxy object correctly within the virtual space:

    the proxy asset ID,

    the rotation value in plan,

    the elevation.

    So I struggle to understand why the addition of 2 more rotation parameters would be 'problematic to implement'

    Maybe just indicate what you want us to label the additional rotation parameters as and we can add them to the GDL parameters of the asset generated archicad object. If Enscape can read these parameters and apply them to the proxy then problem solved!

    I do have a suspicion however, that the reading of the asset ID is just based on Enscape just reading the last parameter in the parameter list as opposed to actually searching for the 'enscapeAssetid' parameter and reading that. The 'enscapeAssetid' still needs to be there for the proxy to work but the actual ID parameter can be labelled as anything as long as its at the bottom of the list??

    So maybe a bit more development could be spent on extracting specific parameters based on the variable name which would allow the additional rotation values to be extracted and read by enscape.....maybe this specific parameter reading could pave the way for other proxy values (like sound) to be extracted from GDL parameters, allowing us to code our own objects with a proxy sound included??

    Sound proxies in archicad would be awesome. They make VR so much more immersive.


    +1 for this

    Also consider when switching between renovation states it takes even longer than it does with layers.

    If it takes 10 seconds with layers, it takes 45 seconds with renovation states (going from existing to new for example)

    The renovation filter is slightly different in the fact that it alters the physical shape of the model elements as opposed to one big set of geometry data that is just toggled on or off based on layers. For example Enscape would need to load both the new and existing version of the same model into its engine so to be able to switch between with a visibility toggle. This would be a very cool feature though and if they develop layer control it should be possible to incorporate renovation status

    It seems like the Enscape engine is built around just reading the geometry supplied to it rather than managing the geometry once loaded. Which is far enough because its already way better than anything else at doing this!

    I don't think there is an issue with the engine holding the geometry in its memory, it's just the internal management of that geometry which is not something that Enscape has been built for.

    Good to see others giving their upvote tho. That can only help.

    Thanks Demian, I agree implementing across all CAD solution would be a good idea but surely Archicad shouldn't be a restriction to this feature. Once the model has been converted into the digital format Enscape uses, it would be far easier & no doubt more efficient, to toggle visibility from within Enscape rather than removing then reloading polygons from archicad (or trying to sync archicads layer settings). Even if the layers were just brought through from the CAD solution being used and then all the toggling was done within Enscape that would still be far quicker than what we have now. If the polygons are loaded into the Enscape engine then visibility is all that is being queried and we won't have to wait for any regeneration unless changes are being made to the model.

    One of the coolest features in VR is the world being able to change right in front of your eyes so instant visibility toggle would make this a reality. Our PC's are more than capable of holding the polygons on our cards.


    I am an archicad user who uses Enscape religiously and while the visual outputs of a finished home for the clients are the icing on the cake, Enscape VR is also a very valuable tool to explain the structure of the build to contractors. As we model everything down to the joist hangers/bolts etc the VR navigation of a structure is invaluable to a contractor to get a full understanding of the layout of structural members & systems.

    As a part of this process I will often jump between the final home and the structural framing views using archicads layer combinations settings. While going from full view to structural views the change is pretty quick as layers (polygons) are being removed but the reverse process takes longer as I assume it is reloading the archicad polygons into the enscape engine??

    Can Enscape hold onto the polygon information of layers that have been initially loaded but then turned off in archicad? This would then mean that when the layers are turned back on again there would be no need to reload the polygons it would just be a visibility command function in Enscape. It would still need to review for changes I suppose, but in most cases where I need this functionality we are just viewing the model anyway so changes are not really happening.

    Even if Enscape held a 'scene' setting which held layer selections then I could load the full model and then just select the layers for each 'scene' from within Enscape.

    Obviously the Archicad model is translated into a different digital format within Enscape so I would assume turning on and off polygons would be much more efficiently done within the enscape engine. Having to adjust layers in archicad and translate the polygons to enscape every time is a bit arduous and time comsuming



    I wish that you would just implement your own material editor and ignore the archicad basic settings. It would open up many more options that archicad just doesn't do like normal and displacement. You have a material editor for sketchup, why not archicad. Like Asado siad we pay the full price but we get a 'lite' version.

    Just a query about these new cards. Is Enscape going to make use of the ray tracing & AI capability offered with these cards? Especially on the VR side of things. I realize the AI has to be built pretty deeply into software but it would be good to know if Enscape could utilize this technology and how long it would take to develop.

    In VR environments running Enscape on Ultra settings creates a much more realistic view. If I was able to run ultra for my clients that would be great. At this stage the 1080 cards are still a but laggy on ultra settings so I avoid exposing new VR users to it.

    Also might pay to have a think about what comes after Ultra settings as the tech is moving so fast.

    When the model is scaled down in a VR environment your head movements have a much larger effect which also adds to the miniature feel. I just had a ground plane that I was in walking mode on . With the rift goggles because of the head tracking you can lean over the model or peer around it.

    You can fly around a model in full scale but because your head movements are accurate to scale in that scenario even though you are looking down on the model it still feels full scale.

    I will try to get a screen record done later today.

    I have just scaled an entire model in down in Sketchup and it works great. This was a two storey structural model scaled down to about 1.5m high. One thing I got from the miniature effect, apart from it looking like a dolls house on sterioids, was the ability to look at and review large areas at once which will be valuable when explaining a structure to a contractor/builder. I would suggest every builder who sees a scale model in VR will love it.

    Even if the Tabletop mode was just based on a simple 'scale factor' in the Enscape options, that the user could adjust, that would be fine.

    If I want the model to be in a room I will just build a massive room around it to create the effect.

    Kubity has a VR entrance room with a scale model but you can't get close to it which is what you tend to do with a scale model. You can jump into a location at full scale from that model view which is a pretty cool feature. I would still build my own room around the model though, so I could have it looking however I wanted it to look.