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    I don't know If anyone's posted this yet but I'll add my 2 cents anyway,

    I'm working on a church renovation at the moment and I just realized that Enscape cannont currently filter light through colored glass. In this particular situation, all the windows in the building are colored a heavy orange and the light that comes into the space effects the feel and color in a significant way. I might be able to cheat it with artificial lights for the time being but the feature would be nice in the future.

    >I'm currently running Rhino 6 with the most recent version of Enscape

    >When in Enscape, looking through transparent objects, I'm able to see other distant transparent objects that I otherwise should not be able to.

    (I.e there is a non transparent object between the two transparent ones.)

    >This occurs with all types of transparent material settings

    >Distant transparent object pop in and out


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