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    Hello, since the confirmation window appeared, we need to click the mouse four times before executing the rendering command, which greatly reduces the work efficiency

    Agreed. Tried the 2.7 preview recently and this bugged me to no end. An alternative would be to use the Render button in the Enscape tool bar as "cancel" for this particular window. This way you could keep the 2-click-workflow (w/ safe frame) but still have this option.

    The overall composition looks pretty good, there's still is room for improvement though.

    - The textures are mostly low res and not quite there yet in terms of orientation (underside wood beams) or placement (floor tiles). I'd suggest looking into some higher quality textures (texturehaven or cc0).

    - Your materials are not set up in terms of bump and reflection. The above mentioned pages also provide bump and reflection maps which will definitely up the realism on that front. Also feel free to just experiment and fiddle around with the material properties. There's a great Enscape tutorial playlist from Architecture Inspiration that covers most of the basics.

    - For lights I'd generally recommend trying to prepare your own little library of premade lighting fixtures, this will definitely speed up your modelling process if you're using the same components over and over again. Your scene looks very evenly lit, too much so. Try to dial back that filling lighting, experiment with the exposure, the different Enscape light sources and maybe even IES profiles. For interior shots experimenting with the sun placement can also greatly affect the mood. Just see what adjustments to the sun position, the overall exposure and some other small tweaks can do to a rather simple scene.


    A lot of the know how comes with time and experience, just take yourself some moments, test around and just have fun. :)

    :thumbup: In general a great thing and as far as I remember an already expressed wish here.

    Yep, there have been multiple threads for the last 1,5yrs that are requesting this feature: A rounded edge option

    I'd expect them to introduce either a global slider or per material. While the first would be convenient and easy to use the second option would on the other side give power users more control over what they want to do.

    Until then Fredo RoundCorner is your friend.

    Just rendered and uploaded a panorama - loading circle is rotating and rotating, yet there is no panorama appearing.

    Please fix asap.

    Edit: Checked older panoramas, all are currently dead.

    Yep, coercing users into signing into your account just for the sake of signing in is indeed dumb as all hell. :rolleyes:

    We also did exhibition presentations (with rather shitty local wifi) with an Oculus setup. We found the Oculus app needs a internet connection at least for signing into your account. We ended creating a local wifi hotspot on a mobile phone, did the Oculus login, disconnected again and carried on with the presentation. 🤷

    Yep, placing lights is just super clunky and frustrating. Furthermore you can't use the snap to axes feature while doing the light placements so I always need to draw a temporary "helper line" in order to properly line it up.. That's why I prepared myself some lighting components ready to use with "Glue to" enabled, I just can't be bothered to deal with this every time I need a light.

    Looks good, I really like the "flying through the clouds" move on the video.

    All very high quality. My 2 cents is to take better care of the texture tiling and randomize the plants to the point where no tiling can be seen. My clients always kill me on this.

    Agreed, randomizing plants is a rather big one, I'd suggest looking into Skatter - it's an absolute game changer. It also works with Enscape Proxies so you can set up your own presets rather quickly.

    We have done lots of WR-Codes for Marketings,
    these presentations are now out in the fields we are not able to find every person, who has the old QR-Codes.

    If you use QR codes out in the field (especially in marketing cases) where the content behind them might change regularly then investing in a QR code generator might be a good idea. There are a bunch of different providers for that kind of service, we are using This way we can brand/customize our QR codes, change links on the fly and track the click count/date/origin to get some figures regarding usage.