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    I too think some sort of barrier material would be extremely helpful.

    To expand on my point I just made a quick mock up how sth like this could look like:

    There's two ways I imagine this could work. The first one is establishing one material (along with a material keyword) that prevents the user from moving through it. The second one would be to make an additional check box in the material editor that lets us choose if a user can or can not move through a specific material, maybe even specify whether it is penetrable in move and/or/nor fly mode.

    Added benefit: With a material that offers blocking behaviour the upcoming feature "Geometry visible/hidden per view" could be used to couple view points with a "blocking box" around it. This way I can show off certain angles of my project, enable the VR user to fly around in a designated area around that view point but still prevent him from flying off into oblivion.

    Demian Gutberlet OR invisible boundaries we already talked about that ! ! !

    Even better and possibly rather doable from a technical standpoint: Just give us a material (or a material buzzword like 'barrier') that you can't fly through. This would give the user the most freedom over where to set the constraints. You could easily then do a dome, a box or whatever shape you'd like, make it transparent, boom.

    Well done.

    maybe use som kind of bump on the grund (second rendering) it looks a bit too flat. :)

    Agreed, some rocks or bumps distributed with Skatter would go a long way.

    There's no shoreline on the second picture. The grassy hill just goes right into the water, there should be some transition between grass and water. Plus it looks like you went a bit overboard on sharpening and/or contrast filters, the trees look somewhat harsh. Other than that - great job!

    When I use the video editor in enscape and preview the footage there is no way to a.) speed up/slow down or b.) skip around in that preview timeline. I mostly prepare and render 20-30 sec video chunks in Enscape that I then edit together in a video cutting software. It is annoying to sit through 30secs of preview again and again to spot something. Having a usable timeline in there plus rudimentary controls such as speed up/down, rewind and pause would really be a great QoL improvement.

    Thanks for your reply, Demian. It wouldn't even need to be anything fancy like cars and pathing, "only" some trees being bent by the wind would do wonders to animated scenes and the overall look and feel.

    On an unrelated note: Is there any news on support for sketchup layers? I'd love to show clients different alternatives on their objects without the need to switch to another standalone. On your development agend you refer to "View Related / Dependent Geometry" - is this something along those lines?

    This has been asked several times and I'm not up to date on where this currently stands.

    Are there any news regarding animated objects such as trees, people and other? Are there any possibilites Enscape might at some point work with SU Animate or other Animationplugins?

    RTX support is currently planned for the 2.6 release. As usual there will be Preview versions to test the new functionality even before the official release - look out for a first RTX Preview in the next weeks ;)

    Are there any findings when it comes to RTX and performance? Is there as much of an impact to performance as when it comes to other applications such as games?