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    hello, since we are talking about graphics cards I have a question for you. My Nvidia Geforce 3070 8 GB when I move around the project in real time I hear a slight metallic noise coming from the card, which disappears when I stop the mouse. i bought the new pc. It's normal? Does it happen to you too?

    That sounds like coil whine to me.

    To elaborate further you can also use the SKP freehand tool along with "Generate unique texture" to make "grass zones" w/ different height/variance, for example around borders:

    Add some fallen leaves to break it up a bit - done:

    Yes, all of this is not as super realistic as high poly models distributed with Skatter, on the other hand realtime performance should be considered.

    My Company is Currently using D5 renderer. Find Attached Sample.

    Does that really look all that realistic to you?

    Enscape grass is far from perfect but with a decent ground texture you can pull off at least somewhat convincing grass:

    You can also combine Enscape grass and Skatter grass for some added realism:

    As mentioned above already, turning DLSS off should fix this since DLSS, in general, is not something which is usually used for VR, at least not that I'm aware of since the picture quality downgrade so to speak is just too much inside a virtual reality headset since the image gets stretched over a Field of View of at least 90 degrees. On a 2D screen, on the other hand, DLSS usually works great, but obviously, you're sitting a lot further away from the image so to speak.

    Let me know if turning off DLSS doesn't do the trick generally.

    Would it be possible to have a DLSS switch for standalones, either as an export option or directly in the standalone itself? Often I use DLSS for speeding up renders but end up exporting a Standalone w/ DLSS activated which kinda sucks.

    My firm just bought a pc with a GeForce RTX 3090 card and has a Vive Pro 2 headset. What are the recommended Nvidia/Steam VR/Enscape settings so that VR runs as smooth and as clear and crisp as possible?

    In the past while running Enscape and VR, some materials will "glitter". Same as posted here: Glittering textures with VR

    My hope is that the best settings will help fix this main problem. Thanks

    Had the same problem w/ grass as seen here. Turning off DLSS will "fix" the problems though performance might take a rather large hit.

    Hi there,

    when saving 4k renders they can easily achieve file sizes >5mb which can make it harder to send via eMail. JPEG image compression allows for a quality level to be set, in a lot of software products you can adjust that quality level (100 = max quality, 0 = lowest quality) while saving to reduce file size drastically while not sacrifing visuals all too much.

    A recent 4k render I did was 5,45mb in size on the standard Enscape output quality level (100 I'd presume), by running it through Gimp in order to adjust the quality level to 94 it went down to 2,56mb which is 54% file size reduction for a very negligible sacrifice in image clarity which makes it way faster and easier to send some renders on a whim via email.

    Please give us either the option to set a quality level in the Output tab or an option button in the save dialogue to set the JPEG quality level.

    Thanks. :)

    I have requested this one before - LIMITS - we need to be able to create a boundary that Enscape will simply not allow you to pass. People love testing the limits and always want to go 'backstage'. I even placed stanchions in the model so people would not cross them - guess what? They still wanted to. It would just be nice if Enscape had a boundary and it would not go any further - maybe a little message pops up floating in VR that says, please turn around, this area is no accessible in VR.

    Tip: Use transparent materials to create boundaries

    You're welcome :)

    If you've never used Cleanup³ beware: Always save or make a backup copy of your project before running it as some of the options can break things in ways that are irreversible. Had this happen to me once, ruined a couple hours of work. Still love the plugin though.

    It looks like our top options are likely going to be the HP Reverb G2 and the Vive Focus 3. Several people have commented on positive experiences with the Reverb. I am slightly hesitant just because of the additional step of using the WMR Portal. We expect our average staff to be able to fire these headsets up with no issue, and this is just one more thing that could possibly go wrong/need updating.

    It's three steps:

    1. Power up the controllers
    2. Fire up WMR Portal
    3. Fire up WMR for Steam

    I think that's pretty straight forward and easily manageable for average staff. I can't comment on the update side though as we haven't gone through any updates yet.

    The Varjo Aero looks great on paper, not so sure about how you want to be able to drive that massive resolution with a single GPU in Enscape though. You might see yourself forced to compromise on either render quality and/or resolution which kinda negates the whole concept in the first place, doesn't it? But maybe Epix 3D can comment on that later. :)

    FYI my unit shipped with the V1 cable despite the notice on HP's website/ social media that new headsets would ship with the latest and I tried to get the V2 replacement preemptively but HP will not send you one unless you have a verified problem. The laptop I ordered is an AMD system so we'll see what happens. (My desktop is Intel.) The customer service rep did say that sometimes a powered USB 3 hub solves the problem also.

    You're very welcome, glad I could help. Just googled the differences between the v1 and v2 cable, it comes down to a power switch and compatibility fixes for usage w/ AMD systems. Not in need for any of those but I'm glad to hear HP is addressing those issues as well.

    Looking forward to hearing your opinions on the G2 as soon as it arrives, DaveH ! :)