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    Kinda like how this one turned out - residential project w/ cubic glass extension + outdoor kitchen.

    Only bummer are the still rather splotchy metal materials - hoping for an "ultimate" render quality option to improve quality on that front.

    It's not like there was a public roadmap available beforehand, am I right? :S

    I personally think that overhauling the UI was a overdue step that they needed to bring up at some point as the UI compared to TwinMotion or Lumion was surely lacking. With that now out of the way I'd hope for them to focus on more technical requests for the next milestones such as rounded edges, weathering on materials or filled (multiple) section cuts.

    Wouldn't it be beneficial to everyone to make exporting in one or two steps an option in the preferences and just disable it by default? This way users that are accustomed with the current workflow can use it the way they're used to (one click for Opening Enscape & starting the export) while users with larger projects such as Herbo can use the two step method (two clicks - open Enscape, start Export).

    Just sayin' ;)

    Downloaded the file, also have a rather beefy workstation though this file definitely brings SKP to a halt, didn't even dare to open Enscape. First of all when opening SKP already detected a myriad of problems w/ the geometry it tried to fix (and succeeded). Afterwards I checked the statistics, this is what we got:

    With that face and component count no wonder SKP/Enscape tends to be rather crashy. SKP is not made for high poly situations and tends to crash or become extremely slow when confronted with a workload of that magnitude. I strongly suggest applying the basic principles of using SKP in larger projects - splitting up the different buildings into different projects to tie them into the main project using proxies. Plugins like Enerorth Reference Manager will help you to achieve that. That way you can still apply the level of detail onto the individual buildings yet keep a somewhat "light" and usable main model.

    Continuing on your current path (all geometry in full level of detail in one project) will sooner or later render your project unusable, which would be a shame.

    Hi Zoom,

    I haven't tried that one yet. Do you have any experience with it? I'm planning to check out the reverb g2, the pimax and the quest 2 as well. I've been going through them one at a time to see how I like them.

    Did you already check out the G2, pimax or Quest 2? We're looking to upgrade and I'm a bit hesitant as I'm getting somewhat mixed reports from the G2 (which I originally chose to be purchased). Do have any experience with either one of the three?

    Don't use the (from a rendering/realism standpoint very limited) SKP viewport to try to judge your colors in a renderer, use it to make general adjustments (broad hue changes, orientation, size), then use the Enscape color/tint dialog to dial in somewhat realistic colors.

    Superb workflow and really great results!

    Unfortunately this is true:

    Almost certainly isn't... clearly it has occurred to Google that their 3D dataset would be useful outside of their application. If Google wanted to provide this capability they would have. Sketchup would have been a logical connection but they chose to only allow for 2D import. More recently Google Studio has provided great access for this type of use case (via a different methodolody) Google again chose not to allow for export of the 3D data.

    It is unlikely they will go after a user like Herbo. A software developer enabling this type of use to be scaled up might raise eyebrows.

    I'd assume that Google's TOS prohibit the use of their data outside their ecosystem so using this data, especially as a professional might call Google to action which is really a shame considering the nice stuff that you could achieve with this... :(

    Enscape lights are a chore to place, the placement procedure itself is somewhat obscure plus it doesn't even adhere to things like axis locking in SKP which might make it somewhat tenable. What I did is to prepare premade lights packed into "Glue to"-components that are way easier to place and then use the SKP moving/rotational tools to get it into place.

    There used to be a trello board w/ the public dev agenda which has been made unavailable though, as it led people to be upset when things were shifted around and priorities were set anew. Your best bet at the moment is to check the public Enscape roadmap on the main page.

    What would be great if the Enscape Team - Demian Gutberlet - could provide like a short list of like the top 5 or 10 currently most upvoted topics on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. This would at least act as an indicator what's in demand right now..

    I know there are many Skatter users in this forum, so just a quick post to let you know that we recently fixed an issue that made SketchUp freeze when generating a Skatter setup while Enscape was running.

    So this should make using Skatter with Enscape more enjoyable :)

    Nice :thumbup:

    Any news on Skatter 2? Haven't made it into the crowdfunding campaign when it launched and therefore no beta, therefore eagerly awaiting a public relase!