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    Wow, magnificent work! Really impressive you did this with Sketchup.. can you shed some light on your workflow, your used plugins? The model looks massive, to what degree of detail did you model it? When it comes to high poly situations Sketchup seems to fall apart somewhat, how many polys are we talking on this model?

    In terms of rendering quality they are pretty similar. It's the little thing that set them apart like the grey-ish Twinmotion sky, the crisper font on the Enscape render and the Enscape background buildings. But yeah, judging on these two pictures I'd also prefer Enscape.

    I'd strongly avoid going with the prebuilt "gaming" desktops. We also tried some from manufacturers such as Alienware while doing research but were sorely disappointed with thermals and/or price to performance ratio.

    Get a local system builder to do a decent build for you, the spec Paul Russam proposed looks pretty good, your budget will even allow the swap for a 2080ti. Case comes down to personal preference, we went with Fractal R5s as they are very sutble looking plus offer some decent noise dampening, even under full load they are inaudible.

    Did you check your exposure settings? The luminosity on your shown light is extremely high (in this case twice the strength of a cars high beam, which seems a tiny bit excessive) which in turn lets the auto exposure adapt to that extreme light source, making everything else in comparison extremely dark.

    Best thing is to start with zero lighting and then slowly adding lights with realistic lighting values (read up on those) and IES profiles, then work your way up from there. It also make a whole lot of sense to prepare your own little premade library of lighting assets and save them for re-use so you don't need to add lights to each and every light on every project.

    Like the model, the fly through the clouds move is really neat.

    Some constructive criticism: The cuts and the overall speed make this presentation feel rather busy. You're using the same "fade to/from black" transition on every transition which needs the viewer to re-adjust to the visuals on every transition. This plus the generally very short nature of your individual shots makes the video rather exhaustive to me. Try slower movements with your camera and/or longer clips, also vary up the transitions, favoring simple cuts or scene blendovers over those fade-out/ins.

    Oh, and there's also some flickering at 1m24s.

    Other than that: Good work!

    Seeing as Enscape is a plugin that ties into your CAD solution seamlessly instead of a standalone solution based on a game engine this might be rather hard to pull off. If You're using SKP I'd suggest looking into Skatter, it exactly does what you're proposing here, it only needs a little setup.

    You're right :D

    That's where I would have used displacement, since it's sort of a dry stone wall, irregular and everything...

    I tried covering it with ivy but seems like I couldn't ^^

    Also, I see that the reflection of the plant on the right isn't 100% correct, which bothers me a lot but I couldn't fix it....:rolleyes:

    I meant the stone floor texture in the front, not the wall in the back. But yeah, now that I'm looking at that I'd also do something about it. ^^

    You could use Skatter and the Enscape stone proxies to build a stone wall, made a quick post about it here: Skatter and Enscape for Sketchup - NICE!

    Looks good! Only nitpicky thing is the rather low res stone texture directly in front, it also looks a little flat.

    The .gif also looks great, love to watch that progress!