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REMINDER! If you encounter any issues with Enscape (e.g. crashes, installation problems) or your subscription please reach out to our dedicated support team directly through the Help Center or by using the Support button as detailed HERE! Thank you for your understanding.

    To upvote on comments above, restricted mode is one of the very useful features in enscape, it helps to read materiality, design in real time, especially in a high peek periods when everyone is busy. At that point we also reconsider getting back to version 2.9 and hopefully this feature will be back.

    Hi Rick Marx

    Thanks for the link, had a read, such an unfortunate thing! Is there any plan to put it back? Based on comments and my own experience, it was really good feature to have in the offer.

    Hi Enscape Team,

    With new Enscape update (currently running 3.0.0+39546) we experience problems with licenses in use. In previous versions even though all licenses were taken, we could still use software (with watermark and without possibility to render) which was perfect for simple tests or designing in real time for many people at the same time. With the newest version we cannot do that anymore and only certain number of people (the same number as amount of licenses) can use the software, which becomes quite problematic during daily practice. Is it a bug or it was an intentional change from your side?

    Just updated to the latest version Enscape 2.9 yet there appeared a problem with exporting views in True synchronization mode for axonometric views. It does not render it properly but zoomes out the view. In 2.8 this issue has not be present. Is there a way to fix it or I am doing somethng wrong?

    It is quite important to keep the existing Named View.


    I am voting for proxy function, we are using a lot of evermotion models and at some point model is getting quite heavy and hard to work with. Looking forwrad to next update!

    I found the output of v2.6 is quite fine too, if outline thickness is set to 0% and the slider moved an invisible tick per right arrow button. The slider shows still 0%, but there is an outline at the saved output. Maybe not so thin like in the past, but maybe usable. I use v2.6preview for my current project and it's quite stable so far I have seen.

    This works perfectly, especially when you use white models in first phases of project! Thanks

    While modelling facades I find it quite hard to get proper reflections in the glass. Adjacent buildings are shown in reflection as a slab. Is there a way to get full facade in the glass?