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    (Version 3.5 for Revit 2022) I work in an office where we have four fixed-seat licenses; in the past when a seat needed to be passed from one machine to another for any reason, you would simply go to About->Manage Licenses->Deactivate License Key. After updating to 3.5, the manage license dialogue is nowhere to be found. I can remove a license key, but the deactivate function doesn't seem to be available. Have I just not looked in the right place, or has this feature been removed with the update to version 3.5? Thanks!

    Hi Matt-

    In your materials browser, select the material that you want to add the perforated gradient to. Under the 'appearance' tab, check 'cutouts'

    This works just like masks in photoshop if you are familiar (black areas are blocked, white areas pass though).

    To get a cutout pattern that looks as you describe, you can try to find a "halftone gradient" that works well with the proportions you are dealing with via a quick google image search. If you are feeling adventurous, you can create your own in photoshop by creating a gradient and then applying a halftone pixilation filter (how-to here:…ver/halftone-effects.html)

    Once you have your cutout map loaded to revit, adjust the scaling to create the desired affect.

    Hope this helps-


    In the past I have been able to successfully apply a mask to decals in Revit and they would render correctly in Enscape; but this is no longer the case. Decals appear in the rendering window, but the mask does nothing.

    I submitted feedback through the in-application button, updated my drivers, but the problem persists. Additionally, my emails to support are all bouncing back, so I am posting here!

    I'm using Revit 2022, and the most recent release of enscape on a machine with an i127000k and a 3070Ti. I also tried installing a previous release to see if that would resolve the issue to no avail. I have attached screencaps that show the graphic behaving correctly in Revit and how the mask does not carry over to Enscape.