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REMINDER! If you encounter any issues with Enscape (e.g. crashes, installation problems) or your subscription please reach out to our dedicated support team directly through the Help Center or by using the Support button as detailed HERE! Thank you for your understanding.


    We have a client who is having trouble opening an EXE that we created for them. The file opens fine on our computers. One user at the client get the error "This application failed to start because Escape.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem." And the other user gets an error about "vulcancontrol.dll" (sorry I don't know the exact error).

    Any ideas what may cause these errors?

    Thanks for the help


    Oh, man this would be nice! For clients who do not own VR headsets or are not able to come to our office we link together stereo panoramas using KRPano (looking forward to the Enscape tool which does this). The stereo panoramas take about 15 minutes each to render on a gtx 980ti. This current project has 14 panoramas. If batch rendering the panoramas was an option, I would just fire off the job before I go home tonight but as is I have to kick off each view.

    Thanks for your consideration and all of your hard work.

    Hi gang.

    If I export a standalone file from walkthrough mode and share it with someone who has VR glasses the standalone does not recognize the glasses. If I export a standalone file with VR enabled and I send the file so someone who doesn't have VR glasses they can walk around but "searching for head-mounted display is always on the screen. Is there any way to toggle back and forth so that when sharing a file we don't have to be so specific to the end capabilities of the end viewer?

    Thanks for your help


    that's a good point. what if the presence of the preceding special character tells enscape to use that keyword above any else but in the absence of the special character enscape behaves normally. That would allow current libraries which work fine to continue to do so but new libraries or libraries where there are conflicts could be setup using the special character. And just to be clear, I'm now using the term special character in place of quotes, it could be qoutes or #'s or something which would not typically be used in a material name.


    We recently purchased Enscape primarily for VR experiences from Revit and SketchUp. So far, everyone who has seen the software has been blown away.

    One issue we have is related to the SketchUp material keywords. We have dozens of existing libraries. In some cases the name of the materials in the library doesn't work very well with the SketchUp material keywords (which is a very clever solution BTW). For example: we have a library of materials for Steelcase office furniture. Not all of the materials are metal but because the word "steel" is in the name, the material gets rendered as metal even though it might be fabric. Additionaly, we've had issues where two keywords are in the material name and I've not been able to determine how Enscape prioritizes keywords. I think a solution might be to enclose the desired keyword in quotes or some other special characters so that Enscape knows which keyword to use. So for example a material can be named Steelcase - Red "fabric" or Steelcase - Red "plastic" and for the former Enscape would render as fabric and the latter plastic.

    If I am misunderstanding how Enscape works please feel free to tell me so. If not, please consider this as a feature request or improvement.