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    I had something similar with some light families I was working on, looked great when rendered in the family editor but when added to a project it came out the same as you've described. Sometimes it was the self illumination of one of the materials being too high, the other time it was that i had 2 IES files in the same and needed to be reset by toggling the "light source" family parameter within the family.

    See if that works for you.

    In Revit we can already insert an image from Enscape, but it would be good to be able to update the same image (or all images from Enscape) at the click of an "Update Images" button within the Enscape ribbon.

    Like how a view in revit automatically updates, I'd like to see a rendered image be able to update from a same view.

    Similar to update QR codes, whether it would be to spit out to a local folder.

    One thing I'd like updated to the car assets in revit would be to untick the "Always vertical" parameters in the families.

    Noticed it when I had a slanted carpark that I was adding cars to and they weren't sloping with the gradient.