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    Hi All

    I have been trying some methods to make the panel lines showup in EnScape.

    As far as I understand, enscape will only recognize the geometry in the model. if there is no gap between the panels Enscape won't show any lines.

    So I have set up the curtian wall with a thin empty mullion. Unfortunately lots of error pops up asking me to break the curtain wall. The project is large it's not feasible to manually fix all panels.

    Is there any other way to show the lines?

    these are critical features from my experiences

    1. sometimes I close the enscape window without saving the camera path. All unsaved work are lost. Should at least show a warning.

    2. if the video is long and you just want to preview the sequence towards the end, you have to watch the whole thing again.

    3. when some new camera position are inserted, how do we shift all keyframes after?

    And yes, moving objects like lumion would be nice.

    Hi All

    have been using enscape for a while and really enjoy it.

    but yesterday after building up a model to 125mb the model has all disappeared from the enscape viewport, leaving only the horizon nothing else. Sketchup viewport shows all model and the saved scenes do not bring the model back to enscape. I am using enscape 2.4.

    Have anyone experienced this issue? I have tried the followings:

    start a new file and copy paste all elements from the original file. The model shows up fine in enscape at the beginning then disappeared again.

    I have noticed the viewport title is another sketchup file i was copying models from. then i shut down all sketchup windows and open only one working project. the model is still not showing.

    please help