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    I was recently looking at graphics cards as finally there's availability and not huge markups (thank you crypto collapse!) and I was wondering the same thing. It doesn't seem like there's any significant upside to going to a 40 series from a 30 series RTX card. Real time navigation works the same with both cards, and the few seconds one might save on a still render is not noticeable when batch rendering. Only major advantage I can see is a larger GPU memory. For me it made a huge difference going from 8GB to 12 GB GPU RAM. I think it will only be when memory gets to be an issue that I will find a need to upgrade again. For day to day performance, I just don't see the need to upgrade. If you want faster loading, get a super fast SSD drive.

    It's actually not about loading times, it's more about the real time rendering in Enscape. Changing materials and such. My GPU usage and dedicated memory spikes to max and Enscape gets very laggy. Just wondering if I get any benefit from getting a 4090 24GB or not. Sure I have a lot of high poly count imported custom assets but that is kinda important for the realism.

    Hi so recently i've encountered a fairly new issue.

    Whenever i have Enscape open and try to import a revit family file Revit crashes instantly. It doesn't matter if the live render is paused or not, I have to quit Enscape as soon as I want to import a .rfa file.

    Revit version 2024, Enscape version 3.5.2+112393

    So I just downloaded the newest Nvidia drivers for my RTX 3080 and as soon as I try to open Enscape i get a Error message saying i should download the latest drivers. Is it a problem with the latest Nvidia drivers for Enscape? I cant send a ticket inside Revit because everything shuts down as I try to send a ticket.

    I've not gotten this resolved unfortunately.

    I have realized that this is only happening when I have Enscape open and I'm trying to import a family to the open project.

    Possibly the result of rendering something far away from the camera in Revit that is close to the camera in Enscape. My understanding is this is Revit's way of efficiently handling 3D at a distance for the sake of improved graphic performance. If your camera is closer to the object in the Revit project it may improve the rendering resolution in Enscape. Please confirm.

    Hi and thanks for your reply.

    I'm not sure what you mean with put the camera closer to the object in Revit project. If I create a new camera view close up in Revit the object still looks terrible.


    I don't know if there is a way to solve this and I've completely missed it but if I create rounded sweeps in a family and then using Enscape for rendering the model turns into bad quality.

    Se the images:

    Family made faucet compared to a Custom Asset import.

    Launching Enscape seems to be a largely CPU-bound exercise as it is processing geometry. Try opening some of your files and watch your Task Manager/CPU performance, and maybe GPU-Z to monitor the GPU. (Task Manager also shows GPU bit it doesn't always seem accurate.) For most of the launch process, the GPU is doing nothing, it is all on the CPU, and only one core at that. So from that aspect a GPU upgrade probably isn't going to help a lot.

    When you say high-poly assets, given that Enscape recommended is 20k, are you talking about a bit over 20k, over 100k, or more...? Obviously many assets out there from Turbosquid etc are insanely detailed, so spending some time doing poly reduction in 3DSMax or other software could be well worth it.

    Yeah that’s my conclusion as well. I mean I have seen Revit benchmarks comparing different processors but I’m not sure about how much better it would be using Enscape. What’s your experiences of that? I mean I get that a 13900K would be faster than a 12700K but is it only a few seconds faster and worth the upgrade?

    Yes the poly count is usually above 20k per asset. I do some reductions of the polys but the whole workflow is very time consuming and especially when I have to convert all materials in 3DS max from say corona or v-ray and then import them into Enscape. Changing materials in the Custom Asset editor isn’t the best either since I have to create a new material for every new imported asset instead of just using the project materials. That is something Enscape should consider adding in the future tho.

    I know the card are much better of course however my question is how much better it is in Enscape? How much of a performance gain do I get? How much faster will it be to open projects and especially projects with a lot of high polygon Custom Assets. Recently I am taking advantage more and more of the Custom Assets in Revit-Enscape and feel like the computer is slowing down a lot. Can a 4080 or even 4090 make any difference in my case and how much of a difference?

    Why I ask is because I haven’t really seen a huge difference in a desktop 3060 with a 3080.

    Can Enscape really benefit from the higher CUDA-score and DRAM if you take the VR out of the equation?

    My setup:

    Intel Core i7-12700K

    32GB DDR4 3200MHz

    GeForce RTX 3080 12GB

    Borrowing the thread. I'm using a 3080 only for rendering and are using a lot of Custom Assets for quality visualizations. Curious to know how much of an improvement a 4080 or 4090 would be to the performance of Enscape. Anyone know?

    I wanted to use yours because the enscape editor always creates out-of-scale models for me, even a simple chair, exported with blender, when I import the model in Escape, is huge!

    You can do what I do. I first import the file into the Custom Asset Editor, change the scale and then import the file again and BOOM, the file is imported with correct dimensions and the preview is centered as it should be.

    What's not working? You have a local Dropbox folder on each computer with a unique custom asset folder path to each locally sync'd custom asset library - correct?

    If I have my Custom Asset Library located in my Dropbox in the exact same folder home as on my work station I get this Error message when I'm trying to create a new asset:

    "cannot deserialze the current JSON object (e.g. {"name:"value"}) into type 'System.Collections.Generic.List`1[Enscape.CustomASsetEditor.Categories.Category]' because the type requires a JSON array."

    I got this message from Enscape support team:

    From your logs, the error code produced the file location as "C:\Users\username\Dropbox\Revit\Enscape Asset Library\" and thus would be a Dropbox folder that would be synced to the cloud, even if the files are stored locally. The issue comes into play specifically with the backup sync, which requires Enscape to manually refresh the folder and the framework of our program really doesn't like doing that.

    If you move the asset library and the custom assets you wish to create to a non-Dropbox linked location, you should solve the errors.

    So my issue is that I want my Custom assets I create at my workstation to work at home as well and from what I understand from your support, I can't do that?

    So previously I shared my Custom Asset Library with two computers so I could work from home. However, after your latest update Enscape are no longer supporting Shared assets through Dropbox, is there any workaround for this issue? I would very much like to be able to work from home as well as the office. I'm using Revit 2023 and Enscape 3.4.2

    I have not reinstalled it completely, however the issue still remains on two different workstations but I could obviously try that.

    I have sent a ticket through the feedback button as well.

    Another question I have is about the materials to the Custom Asset Import, is there any way to add existing materials to imported assets? This would save a lot of time instead of creating new materials to all imports.

    Whenever I try to add a object to my Custom Asset folder I get this error message, anyone had this issue before? I have the same issue at two different workstations. It doesn't matter what type of asset I try to add. :/ I have even tried two different Revit versions (2022 and 2023). I've tried Enscape 3.4.0 and 3.4.1.

    "cannot deserialze the current JSON object (e.g. {"name:"value"}) into type 'System.Collections.Generic.List`1[Enscape.CustomASsetEditor.Categories.Category]' because the type requires a JSON array."