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    I'd suggest going for a 12th gen Intel-laptop for maximum performance and a RTX 3080 graphics.

    I've tried a few laptops for this purpose and from my experience a larger monitor on the go is essential. The Zephyrus G14 was too small in my opinion. Then I tried a Lenovo Legion 7 16" 16:10 display and I gotta say I love the 16:10 ratio on a laptop which tends to be more and more popular nowadays.

    So I'd suggest a Lenovo laptop since they have the feel, display and specs for your task. I don't think they have the 12th-gen Intel processors yet but the Ryzen 6000-series is just around the corner and they seem to have awesome performance.

    Thanks a lot HomeboY , I just had a look into your case and one of my colleagues will reply back to again very soon - And in this case, at least performance issues may boil down to the high-resolution textures partially and you can gladly temporarily at least import lower-resolution versions of them instead to see if this improves this behavior.

    We should also know more after we had a look at the project and/or after forwarding your case to our developers as well.

    Thank you for answering :)