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    +1 for Laubwerk support. I had reached out to the developers of laubwerk at some point last month to see if they had plans to support enscape. And I am paraphrasing here but they said they were certainly interested in supporting it, however, they did not have any thing to announce yet. I am hoping Enscape and Laubwerk get together and make it happen soon.

    I can confirm this bug as well, unfortunately i haven't found a solution. It does seem to be related to the scale of the scene though. What i mean by that is, when i hid the exterior of my scene the artifacts disappeared.

    To try to track down what was causing it, I created a simple scene with room size box and added an opening for a window and placed a sphere inside. What i found was that changing the size of my scene along the x and/or y axis either making the box bigger or adding other objects to increase the overall bounding box of my scene in sketchup would make the artifact increase or decrease in strength.

    I hope it gets sorted soon as it has the effect of making the materials look glossy and wrong.