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    As Phil Read pointed out it has a lot to do with your field of view. at 60 degrees it seems ok

    at 90 degrees of FOV it starts to distort

    Don't be afraid to play around with the settings to get the image you think is appropriate, but I don't think there is anything with the software in this regard.

    I'm guessing people would need an example of what you're talking about in order to really give helpful advice. Do you have stills that you can share that highlight what you're talking about?

    It appears this is not only a limitation of Enscape, but other real-time renderers. The solution offered up by Lumion (…ement-maps-lumion-10.html) would seem to apply here as well. If you need the added detail, spend the time modeling the extra detail in the area you want to focus on to help sell the realism. I think the new displacement is a great addition to selling the realism, but understand it's not modifying the geometry of my model, so I can't expect it to add 3-Dimensional information. It's a slight of hand trick that is computationally light and gets us 90% of the way to sell the idea.

    I am noticing my views are in general over exposed in the new version compared to the previous, even when using the same setting. Anybody else having similar issue? Thanks.

    Please post a side by side so we can see what's happening. Is it completely blown out, or just a little different?

    This is an argument for being able to download and host "legacy" assets locally for later use. If we could access the latest content through the cloud, but still have the legacy content locally it would allow the Enscape team to continually add the wonderful content they are adding, and doing a great job of it, while allowing older files to still use their assets without having to replace them again. Rework means loss of revenue


    Why did the "Render Image" become "Take Screenshot"? A screenshot to me is different than render the image. A screen shot would be the resolution of my screen, and not a full rendered out version of what I want. Plus we've always looked for "Render Image" and to have it change without reason or consideration was disconcerting when I went to look for the render button. Additionally can we get a "render image" button on the toolbar to simplify getting to that critical feature of the software. We used to have an assignable shortcut to help with that but that's gone as well.

    In addition, Carpet should have hard edges where the element stops and starts. The current system gets stray tufts of carpet outside the boundary. I also agree that the profile should match traditional carpet pile looks and maybe even use that nomenclature for the height parameter.

    So how are you using the Asset Library?

    We use it to add "life" to our projects. Especially in Revit where getting good content is more difficult

    Are you using the search bar, categories or tags?

    Mainly I sort by Category then scroll for what I'm looking for in that

    Do you always know exactly what you are looking for?

    No, I like shopping. It would be nice to have a request button built in to the browser in case we can't find what we're looking for though

    Is your asset browsing more likely to be focused on a style (e.g. 'wood'), a topic (e.g. 'chair') or related to the project context (e.g. 'construction')?

    I would say topics are the most used focus.

    The ability to add custom, or modify the existing assets, as well as continuing to build on the available asset library would be fantastic. People, Landscape and Cars are the items I use the most, furniture and decorations would be the next.

    As someone in a very bike friendly city, I'd love to see more people on bike content. Throw some recreational bikers in, some commuting bikers. Right now we've got the 2 dudes on Bikes and the lady in the dress walking her bike for our choices. We need a lot more to populate an urban exterior rendering

    no they should just self emit and the geometry should appear to glow. you get more light fall off on objects they are close to. If you look at my other posted image of the light fixture you can see that the filaments of the lights are glowing. It does seem strange that yours is at full power, and the filament isn't brighter. Is your auto-exposure setting off?

    check your bloom settings and your self-illuminated material settings. The bloom helps get the "glow" but the self-illumination settings give enough.

    image set with auto exposure off - no bloom

    same exposure setting but I added alittle bloom

    I'd say partner with these guys to have these available in Enscape. Heck I'd even consider being on-board with a free version of assets, and a "Pro" bundle to get access to more or better models. Either way I like their offering of Different ages, different iterations, and different seasons for each type of Foliage asset.

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    I like their classifications too

    looking at the markup it loks like they are trying toget the recessed linear lights to be more apparent. I’d recommend a self-illuminating material with a little bloom to get the light to show in the recess. If you want more light from the fixture then I’d add a few low lumens linear fixtures just outside the light slots on the walls and ceiling to throw a little more real light in the scene. If you’re looking for the light to look like dust increase the fog intensity and height, but it will affect all of your lights.