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    I am noticing my views are in general over exposed in the new version compared to the previous, even when using the same setting. Anybody else having similar issue? Thanks.

    Please post a side by side so we can see what's happening. Is it completely blown out, or just a little different?

    This is an argument for being able to download and host "legacy" assets locally for later use. If we could access the latest content through the cloud, but still have the legacy content locally it would allow the Enscape team to continually add the wonderful content they are adding, and doing a great job of it, while allowing older files to still use their assets without having to replace them again. Rework means loss of revenue


    Why did the "Render Image" become "Take Screenshot"? A screenshot to me is different than render the image. A screen shot would be the resolution of my screen, and not a full rendered out version of what I want. Plus we've always looked for "Render Image" and to have it change without reason or consideration was disconcerting when I went to look for the render button. Additionally can we get a "render image" button on the toolbar to simplify getting to that critical feature of the software. We used to have an assignable shortcut to help with that but that's gone as well.

    I would tend to agree with you here. But the first comment from the client was "Maker the trees and the grass greener" (there were origionally a few different varieties), so in this instance we're dealing with artistisc prefrence vs client requests, and since the client pays the bills, well, we get all green trees lol. But I could probably varry the lightness of the grass some like youve said.

    Clients don't always know best, but as long as they pay their bills they get their way ;). But, you did ask how it could be "Better" and subjectively having a little color space between the tree tones and the grass tones would make it better. Either way it's a great image.

    My only piece of advice would be to make the grass a little lighter in color so the trees pop a little more. In the lower portion o f the rendering it all becomes a green blob. My other advice would be to vary the color of the trees, but we can't do that yet with the assets.

    Thanks Demain!

    Btw, very excited about the new animation trees in 2.8! Another big step forward, way to go!

    the slow pan out makes the tree on the right look like it's going for a walk. It's a optical illusion, but my brain just keyed in on it and now I can't unsee it.

    As a person who does mostly still images moving trees were not my number 1 priority for the software, but it does help with adding some uniqueness to the assets by having the wind add some variety to how they look.

    In addition, Carpet should have hard edges where the element stops and starts. The current system gets stray tufts of carpet outside the boundary. I also agree that the profile should match traditional carpet pile looks and maybe even use that nomenclature for the height parameter.

    I feel a real professional in your question !!! Because the successful perception of the image is based on the details - right? Yes, this is my "know-how" :thumbsup:;);). And of course yes - I use mirror material for the edges on glass panels, because it looks more realistic with a pseudo-refraction effect . Moreover, on both sides of the polygon at the edge of the panel . Thanks for asking !!

    It looks fantastic! And yes I'm in the architecture profession so I notice the little things that add the realism and pull you into the image. I usually use the similar glass to the main field but 70% darker with more reflection. I may have to switch over to your technique because it looks so great.

    So how are you using the Asset Library?

    We use it to add "life" to our projects. Especially in Revit where getting good content is more difficult

    Are you using the search bar, categories or tags?

    Mainly I sort by Category then scroll for what I'm looking for in that

    Do you always know exactly what you are looking for?

    No, I like shopping. It would be nice to have a request button built in to the browser in case we can't find what we're looking for though

    Is your asset browsing more likely to be focused on a style (e.g. 'wood'), a topic (e.g. 'chair') or related to the project context (e.g. 'construction')?

    I would say topics are the most used focus.

    The ability to add custom, or modify the existing assets, as well as continuing to build on the available asset library would be fantastic. People, Landscape and Cars are the items I use the most, furniture and decorations would be the next.

    The most impressive one is the glass part with water drops with warm light on the interior part.

    Great one.

    Where can we find the map water drops texture and how did you do it?

    I mean I saw the material setting, but is there more than material setting to achieve that water drop on glass effect sir?

    I believe we got the one we're using from poliigon.

    If it was just my map, I'd happily share but since it's not my creation I can't. Sorry.

    I'm sure you can find something similar out there, or use examples online to make your own in photoshop or something. It just takes the concept.

    the soft lighting is really nice, but it doesn't allow all of your furniture to feel grounded. There are no shadows where things come in contact with the ground making them feel like they are floating or pasted in in photosho[. Other than that it's a really nice set of images. Very nice and warm.