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    One Idea would be to have the ability to set the exported images "paper size" (I.E. Arch D or tabloid) and then set the scale off of that. It would make more sense to use this specifically in the orthographic mode to produce plans or sections. Adding this would save a lot of time on the back-end of having to go into Photoshop and scale the image there. Paul, your solution does work, this would just be a time saver instead of doing your method. It would also be cool to have a options to "erase the background" when rendering so the image appears to act as a png, vs again going into Photoshop and erasing the background with the material map.

    should probably be more bias towards the greenary that the majority of people actually see when they go outside.

    While I wish it was the case that a majority of the people in the world were hiring designers to create renderings of their projects, unfortunately that inst the case. 7 out of the top 30 cities with the wealthiest people are located in deserts. The honest truth is that those people that are going to be the ones hiring us.

    If you look at Lumion, there's a high percentage of people assets wearing middle eastern clothing, and that's not because a lot of people in the world wear middle eastern clothing or live in the middle east. It's because the middle east contracts a lot of high end projects that can afford to make these renderings. That's not to say we shouldn't have other plants, I want to be clear about that, we just want a little more love.

    Also, contrary to popular belief, excluding the middle of the Gobi desert, deserts actually have a lot of plants. It might not be as green or as abundant but we still have a lot of plants.


    I totally agree with your opinion to not make the trees transparent but give the people the option of levels of transparency.

    Where I disagree with you, is that the current balance plants in the library is not equal. While you do have a point that focusing on a specific region will alienate other users on the platform, the library is already unbalanced. So, we are trying to just sway the amounts back to equal.

    Currently the breakdown of non potted plants on any size in the library is this:

    Tropical rain - 12

    Temperate forests- 50

    Desert- 2

    Taiga- 17

    Grasslands- 5

    Savanna/Tropical Grassland- 4

    Palm Trees- 23

    Total -113

    Now I should point out a lot of trees are ambiguous enough to be added to scenes in multiple biomes much like palms tree. But even if you attribute palm trees to tropical forests, desert, or Tropical grasslands biomes those of us designing in those biomes (especially desert, which makes up 33% of the world) are left out. It should also be noted not even plant in a desert biome is a palm tree (those of us conscious of the environment in the desert try to stay away from palm trees because they use up so much water).

    I should also point out this isn't specific to Enscape in particular; Lumion, the Sketchup warehouse, and Twinmotion, all suffer the same kinda ratios. So, since Enscape is so receptive to user feedback, I think its justifiable to see if they can focus more on those of us who don't already have a lot of assets to work with. Overall, keep going Enscape, you guys are doing a great job, just don't leave us out please. Thanks

    Demian Gutberlet , Some smaller plants to add could be: feather grass, bottlebush, deer brush, brittlebush, oregano, ocotillo. One thing to keep in mind when choosing smaller plants to add to the library is to mix up both manicured and un-manicured plants. There are plenty of perfectly cut plants out on the market (evermotion, cgtrader, ect.) for us to buy or download. Where the plants in the library greatly benefit my firms workflow is filling in the the sites as-is natural elements in each scene.

    When you attach a png to a material in Enscape, Enscape generates a alpha map based on the png's data.

    Both side of that trees leaves are painted the exact same material and the material is set to the foliage setting.

    I created a modified tree component off of a sketchup warehouse tree. When flying around the model and in videos the edges of the leaf texture turn white making the tree look unnatural for about 5 seconds. After stopping and letting the tree render for a few seconds it goes back to its natural color. Ive never seen this happen to any other textures before. Is there a solution to this occurrence?

    This could be super useful in darker indoor scenes when the background is very blown out. From a cameras point of view what Enscape currently has is accurate. From a human standpoint our eyes adjust fast enough to changes in light to never have the sky as blown out as some cameras sometimes have. The option to change that would be greatly appreciated.