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    Ted.Vitale I've been asking this exact thing for the past 4 months. That tool was much more useful than the current system to those of us interested in Enscapes developmental agenda.

    At my firm, there are instances where all the licenses are being used (and the license tab shows all licenses being used) but we don't know who exactly is using them. The person could be out of the office and logged off of their computer but still be using the license which causes the rest of the people at the firm to do the" who's using the license" scramble to no avail. It would be great if under the license tab it showed the number of licenses and who exactly was using them.

    @ Gadget I was pretty sure I had seen a thread on the first topic before but could not find it so I'm glad its been talked about before. As per the second topic, iI know about how the walk mode works, but if you're doing a fly around that isn't between 1 and 2.1m there isn't a good option to keep camera height consistent. My hope was to get something implemented that works without a janky work around.

    I have two suggestions that I believe could greatly improve the video editor aspect of Enscape.

    First, would it be possible to add a control points button for the video path on top of the key frame addition button. These would end up manipulating the video path without adding time to the video or changing up camera angle For instance I don't want to add a key frame to the fly around video path I'm using that consists of four key frames at north south east and west. The video path is taking the shortest route to each instead of creating a complete circle around the project. If I add a key frame the smoothness of the camera panning is interrupted and takes much longer to get in a presentable state. Ive also found going down a winding driveway, adding key frames can mess with the speed of the camera at the bends creating a unrealistic slow down that someone in real life driving down the driveway wouldn't make. These can be fixed using the key frame editor but again takes way more time than necessary.

    Second, Is there a way to create (maybe make it a key binding) that would lock the camera at a specific height. Since using W moves the camera forward toward the focus point instead of on the xy axis its very easy to mess up a keyframe in a video path if the goal was to keep all the keyframes on one eye level.

    Just some ideas that i would like to see implemented but i'm open to other solutions if they are out there.

    Having a animated vertical texture could also solve the fire/vertical(falling) water dilemma. As it stands there is no current solution for VR/video that's anywhere near as good of a appearance as the animated horizontal water.

    Micha I am a "Pro User". We've been living up to this point just fine without RTX. I also know a lot of people "pro users" and and out of that subsection less than 15% have the capability to run RTX based on their graphic cards limits. Now that doesn't mean I don't want RTX, it looks like a awesome set of additional tools "pro users" will be able to capitalize on, so I'm glad Enscape is looking into it. The point I'm trying to make is there are topics like Nuge noted that have been on the forums for years now that have not been touched or even mentioned in the pipeline, yet RTX comes out of no where (and as far as Ive see has less than 3 direct topics on the forum) and gets implemented right away. The fact that the Enscape team seems to be more focused on diversifying their client range instead of developing their product to meet the needs of the most up voted forums (see mp4 texture) and those already using their platform is a bit worrying.

    timeless it says on the post, February

    Nuge I agree that while the progress of the program is going steady and that's great (keep it up Enscape). Some of the long standing topics on the forum have been neglected and those would mean more to the entire client base of Enscape vs adding in vectorworks and RTX support which only affects a small portion of the community.

    Vertical Water is a huge must. When implemented, it might have to be its own material though because of the amount of settings that would go into creating it, I.E. speed of falling water, roughness, mists, height, fall off, color. Having underwater light dynamics for pools and spas would also be awesome.

    I understand what you are saying now. The best solution now until this is fixed, because it is a issue with enscape, is to make note of what field of view enscape gives you in the settings with the views synchronized, then once you de-sync switch the enscape slider back to that number and they should match up. The x,y,z position of the camera and the focal location should be the same, it is just the field of view that is off. It is a small inconvenience I hope the enscape team can fix.

    this is happening because the field of view in enscape and the field of view in sketchup are not the same. Make sure the field of view in the sketchup perspective mode and the slider in the enscape settings are the same and this should not happen.

    If something like this is implemented we should be given some sort of tool to choose where the user starts out at so they don't start outside of the box. Or if something happens and they glitch through the box somehow, they can restart at that chosen point.