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    Recently my firm has gotten into solar analyzing the facades of our design. Enscape does a great job at producing great videos for our clients to visual the sun/shade on their buildings. It would be great if there was a option to have a date/time stamp at the bottom of a exported video so we could pin point certain times of the day we need to focus on. Obviously we an get a rough estimate now and there are a few work arounds but this addition could greatly simplify that process.

    @Thomas Schander,

    I understand where you are coming from and have no expectation that everything we have requested on the forums be implemented in one huge update. I think that would be a completely unreasonable request of you guys. I also don't believe there that there needs to be a timeline added to any information given about what is in the works. On the old Trello website, there was one column for things directly being worked on but the rest of the columns were just notes saying what was on your teams radar.

    We just want a little more communication, other than that forum on what the next update is directly going to address. I don't mean to be frank, but while the up-vote system may be super useful to your team and planning whats going to happen next (which is great, keep using it) the up-vote system means nothing to us on the forum since we never see it and that keeps us in the dark. That is where the frustration seems to be coming from.

    Thanks for the support Nuge,

    I want to be clear that I am overall really happy with the effort Enscape and their team has been towards taking in user comments and implementing user feedback. I would love to see the Trello website come back, but even if it doesn't, something needs to happen about the way the forums are run. There are so many duplicate forums all requesting similar things, (I think it was last Thursday a separate forum was created again about mp4 textures).

    Damien, I bet you guys have a huge list with all the total up votes for ideas and that great info for the team to analytically implement the next round of improvements. But from the client side some of us feel like we are speaking to a brick wall when it comes to the future of the program. Even just a Enscape curated graph on the most requested ideas would go a long way.

    But thanks for all that you do because Enscape is a really useful program.

    This is slightly off the general topic of this forum, but still relevant, is the one thing that I really appreciated from enscape was the Trello development agenda. At least there we knew what was in the works, what was on the horizon, and what was directly being worked on. I don't know what changed or cause that page to be deleted but the transparency between the consumer and the Dev team was a real plus to those of us wanting to stay updated on the current tech being implemented. While I still feel the Enscape team is much more communicative with its users then other programs, I see it turning down a different more closed off path. I think that might be where the frustration Solo is having because I understand from the Dev perspective not wanting to be berated for prioritizing one new feature over the other. On the other side of things, there are forums like this one on this discussion board that are years old and have yet to be implemented while other ideas that where only months old have been included already. Thats just my view on whats been happening though (I'm still waiting on animated fire and I doubt that's even been a blib on the horizon)

    Could it be assigned to the tab button? As a gamer who is use to the WASD key combination most of us have easy access to that key, but its out of the way enough to not get hit on accident, Right now that button doesn't seem to be assigned to anything.

    I know they are two different things, but they are both owned by google, making it expensive to implement both. If the Op only wants the video editing tools of Earth Studio I see no reason Enscape cant emulate something similar. If the OP was instead wanting integration into Earth studio or the use of google earth/studio as a location and scene service, that's going to cost a significant amount of money on Enscapes side to integrate. I'm not on Enscapes budgeting team but from the other app developers I know, that use Googles services, it is expensive and Open street maps might be a better options for a short time (because OSM has its downfalls) until something can be worked out. If the OP just wants a text file path of the Enscape video I agree I think that could be a great addition.

    Personally I would love for google earth to be integrated into Enscape, but I know from a dev. perspective its very pricey to get a partnership with google to implement their software. I would much rather see Google earth in Enscape, but I know open street maps could be a placeholder until a deal can be worked out with google. Other similar rendering programs like eyecad have open street already integrated in their program so it can be done.

    As a firm working in the desert, it would be awesome to see some of the plants I've listed added. The Enscape team has done a great job of providing plants for forest and alpine biomes, we are just hoping for more plant diversity in the desert category.

    Plants we would suggest are: Mesquite, palo verde, agave, cottonwood, sqauro, barrel cactus, aloe, ironwood, deer grass, Ocotillo, prickly pear, and vines (grape and other type).

    Thanks, keep up the great work.

    Is there any word on whether a designated material(like what you guys have done for water) or assets (preferably animated) for fire are in the works?

    Right now I'm just using PNG images with a emissive texture added to it to simulate fire for our residential linear fire pits, but when placed next to a pool that has escapes animated water feature it really becomes lack luster.