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    What I don´t undestand is that Enscape sais in their system requirements: "If your CPU and RAM is sufficient to load your projects in Revit without problems, it will be enough for Enscape"

    Well, for huge Revit projects, my computer is much more better than "enough", i´m sure of that. It has no only the GPU I said.

    What i am trying to say is that if other computers only have "enough" hardware to run Revit software, i´m very sure they will not be able to use Enscape.

    I think Enscape is a usefull tool, but more usefull if I have a poor computer because if what I want to do is Real Time Render I will try to use Unreal Engine or other tools. But i don´t think Enscape is a tool for those one, i think is more usefull for the much more, like me, that want a fast solution without a huge inversion of money or time in hardware or UE4 knowledges

    Anyway, I did last week a 3d export .exe with 1.9.2 and the same now in 2.0. First one in Ultra quality runs without problems, second one runs without problems in Low, and results looks like better in 1.9.2.

    In this way, for my, it´s a step back in quality. I´m sorry but it´s what i feel. I want fast results with the computer i have, not that.

    Hello everyone.

    I have the same problem in my laptop, which has a Nvidia GTX960M gaming graphics card, and I have also the same experience that Martin has told.

    It´s amazing the umbeliable quality jump between those last versions.