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    Is a dual Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 with SLI bridge a supported GPU configuration? If not, are there any current plans to support dual Nvidia GPU with SLI?

    I wonder whether a dual GPU configuration would effectively provide any meaningful advantage over a single card as related to Enscape performance.

    Thank you!

    VR is very popular here in the US but this year with the COVID-19 pandemic people are concerned about the sharing of headsets.

    At our firm we are we have used VR with only one big client. Not everyone appreciates the experience and most appear to be OK with us navigating a model on a large screen TV rather than using the headset.

    I suspect that AR may be more appealing as time goes by and head gear prices come down.

    I have never experienced those kinds of issues and typically I use and exchange geometry among various modeling programs.

    In my personal experience building complex renderings with solids, meshes or other geometric elements from Revit, Rhino, SketchUp, AutoCAD, Maya, 3DMax and several others is never a problem as long as I follow commonly accepted industry practices, that is clean geometry, free as much as possible from strenuous hidden surfaces and or artifacts, etc. Just basic common knowledge prep work.

    Maybe the Enscape programmers could shed some light on the potential capability of a rendering engine to sort out geometric inaccuracies while processing a file. Perhaps IA may some day allow for that small miracle to happen.;)

    No, but the HTC Cosmos was my first choice until I decided to follow the crowd recommendations regarding the Oculus Quest. That’s really my mistake.

    Quest is not a terrible product, it’s just design for personal entertainment and not professional work. That said, the latest generation of Oculus Rift-S is better suited for architecture/design and its specs are compatible with a wider range of high-end hardware. It’s also cheaper, but it would appear Facebook favors the Quest over the Rift and I read online the Rift family may be discontinued in the near future. Not sure whether this info is just an online rumor or fact.

    Others in this forum may have access to more accurate information.

    I recently purchased an Oculus Quest (1st generation) and the accompanying Link cable and I am sorry to report it is really design for gaming and social media rather than architecture or design. It is usable still but not great for the money.

    It’s main selling point is that it is less expensive than other alternatives like HTC Vive or Valve Index. If you are going to spend the money I would suggest you acquire a true and tested professional grade headset rather than one for gaming.

    Hi -

    I have been looking into this issue myself since I have an 8 year old workstation with an Nvidia GTX 1080, which by the way performs great with Enscape.

    The main issue I have found is the power supply requirement for the new Nvidia RTX series. I have a 280 Watt power supply in my trusty old Dell T5400 and I would need a dual-slot rated at 320 W to run the new 30x monster cards. Upgrading is not an option. Is best to buy a newer more powerful system with no bottlenecks.

    That said, the RTX 2080ti is a hell of a card by many metrics and far less expensive than the newer generation. I would get that one for my T5400 even if I could only get 80% out of it due to the limitations of my current chipset.

    Hi -

    I have gone back and forth with Oculus Customer Service regarding this issue and they confirmed the Anker cable is compatible although they never gave me the specific product name. Apparently there is only one in the market and it has to be USB-C.

    In addition, the Link feature is in Beta testing still, so in time, cross my finger, quality will be much improved after Oculus gets through this process. I have an original Oculus Link and a first generation Quest and I encounter distortion issues every now and then.

    Aside from that I also discovered that the specifications of my workstation did not match the minimum specs for Oculus Quest although it is a bit better for the Rift-S. In fact Oculus does not yet provide certification for the high-end Nvidia Quadro cards and Intel XEON cpu's.

    As far as the Oculus family of VR headsets is concerned you are better off with a VR-ready gaming PC than a pro-level workstation, at least for the time being.

    I have experienced a similar situation but I have to tell you, there is no better remedy than starting a job with a precise delineation of geometric elements to avoid interference. Also very important, to separate presentation modeling from construction documentation since those have two very different purposes.

    We do a fair amount of work in multifamily and hospitality development and so there are a lot of repetitive elements like balcony slabs and exposed ceiling finishes, and it is not unusual to accidentally have a floor slab and a balcony slab occupying the same space in 3D. It pays to know where to stop one and start the other to prevent double dipping, or organize your reference geometry so you may unload the guts of the building model to avoid surfaces in close proximity for the purpose of rendering.

    I typically have at my disposal at least 3 professional level rendering packages including Enscape and they all behave the same when the base model contains interferences.