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REMINDER! If you encounter any issues with Enscape (e.g. crashes, installation problems) or your subscription please reach out to our dedicated support team directly through the Help Center or by using the Support button as detailed HERE! Thank you for your understanding.

    Hello Enscape Team.

    I have a very specific entourage request. The design firm I work for specializes in affordable housing, which in the US primarily relates to African-American communities and neighborhoods. We have a large number of requests to illustrate our proposed designs with the right ethnicity and demographics for the intended urban areas.

    I would like to request that at some point please add more casual elderly people to the library, particularly African-Americans.

    Thank you for your consideration.



    Clearly the current Chaos/Enscape information void lends itself to a great deal of speculative talk fueled by the healthy diversity of many points of view.

    I think the liveliness of the conversations, as entertaining as it is, falls short of addressing the basic concern we all have in common - price strategy after the merger.

    I often wonder whether I will be able to afford Enscape + Chaos in a few years or exclusively rely on my company to provide the necessary software, like is currently the case with Autodesk applications. And I am lucky, my company gladly acquires the resources I need to do my job.

    It is a huge disappointment that after spending thousands of my own dollars on "permanent licenses" one finds the rug pulled under our feet by the pay-as-you-go subscription schemes so ubiquitous these days.

    I get it! It makes sense from a business standpoint (if you are on the corporate side of the equation), for others, especially the small entrepreneurs in the business of visualization, it creates a perpetual need to compete on price until one gets priced out of the market, or worse, people resorting to software piracy.

    The impact of escalating prices is devastating on the small entrepreneurs everywhere and threatens to wipe out many of us who used to earn a side income providing cool looking visualizations after hours.

    That said, I would give Enscape and Chaos the benefit of the doubt and simply wait until better information is made available to the public directly from them.

    In the meantime I keep my Rhino 3D license current and I am sharpening my Blender skills just in case.:)


    Perhaps this question may have been addressed somewhere else, but just in case I would like to pose it to the business development team.

    Is there a licensing scenario where Enscape and Chaos would offer a combined master license, perhaps similar to VRay Collection? Perhaps with multi-yearly discounts?

    Thank you.

    Well I have seen in too. And share the same excitement with you. Bit surprised that Apple didn’t reales basic studio with M1 pro for better price but…seems like I get rid off my windows Rtx workstation and buy studio with M1 max…ultra version is above my budged…I expect that Twinmotion is almost ready for it…but what about Enscape…it’s total silence about it…?

    I am anxious to see a first impression report from the Enscape development team. :)

    If the M1 Ultra comes through as advertised you will make your money back in a jiffy!

    Agreed - Autodesk is a poor example to compare to Chaos Group. Again I believe this will result in a very similar situation when Epic Games acquire TwinMotion.
    I'm under the impression you either, haven't used VRay or had some kind of bad experience?

    I am afraid you are missing the point, but OK. Not important. I would not speculate further and I am optimistic about the merger news in any case.;) By the way, Twinmotion is shaping up to be quite a contender.

    This is very exciting news!

    I have been a fan and advanced user of VRay for about 7 years now, but once I started using Enscape around 5 years ago I have been using it almost exclusively, unless I am occasionally required to use Lumion.

    Enscape is a great product at a reasonable price point, and I appreciate how diligent you are at improving the software with every update.

    Now a bit of background…

    Many decades ago I used a rendering package called Lightscape. Perhaps some older users may remember it. At that time that software was fantastic, even though I always had to render overnight and I could not use my computer for anything else. So much for multitasking in those early Windows NT days.

    Years later Autodesk acquired Discrete, the company that created Lightscape, folded it into its product line and soon it was gone. Nowhere to be seen again.

    I truly hope this Chaos/Enscape merger is mutually beneficial to both parties and many of us keep using Enscape for many years to come, because as much as I like VRay I have become a big fan of the elegant simplicity of Enscape’s interface and the excellent quality of the renderings it is capable of generating.

    I look forward to learning more details in the near future.

    Newbie here. Just bought the Quest 2 and wondering if there is a string somewhere that explains in detail how to set it up properly? I have tried and looked online and must not be doing something right. I thought I set it up correctly according to some online instructions I saw, but every time I click the Headset button in Enscape it just says its is looking for the Headset...

    Even though both Oculus Quest and Quest 2 are designed to work wirelessly for many uses you still need an Oculus Link cable or equivalent cable to connect to the computer hardware actually running Enscape. Once you are tethered you may like to use the Enscape EXE file option. In my experience, the EXE file offers a perceived better performance, but you may experience otherwise. It is a bit of a trial and error process.

    If you already have a Link or equivalent cable then make sure you install the latest firmware/updates in both your headset and pc/workstation Oculus software. The issues I have personally experienced have been resolved after performing basic updates to the hardware and software.

    I hope you find this helpful and have a chance to enjoy using your Quest 2 and Enscape. It is quite a unique experience.


    Is a dual Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 with SLI bridge a supported GPU configuration? If not, are there any current plans to support dual Nvidia GPU with SLI?

    I wonder whether a dual GPU configuration would effectively provide any meaningful advantage over a single card as related to Enscape performance.

    Thank you!

    VR is very popular here in the US but this year with the COVID-19 pandemic people are concerned about the sharing of headsets.

    At our firm we are we have used VR with only one big client. Not everyone appreciates the experience and most appear to be OK with us navigating a model on a large screen TV rather than using the headset.

    I suspect that AR may be more appealing as time goes by and head gear prices come down.

    I have never experienced those kinds of issues and typically I use and exchange geometry among various modeling programs.

    In my personal experience building complex renderings with solids, meshes or other geometric elements from Revit, Rhino, SketchUp, AutoCAD, Maya, 3DMax and several others is never a problem as long as I follow commonly accepted industry practices, that is clean geometry, free as much as possible from strenuous hidden surfaces and or artifacts, etc. Just basic common knowledge prep work.

    Maybe the Enscape programmers could shed some light on the potential capability of a rendering engine to sort out geometric inaccuracies while processing a file. Perhaps IA may some day allow for that small miracle to happen.;)

    No, but the HTC Cosmos was my first choice until I decided to follow the crowd recommendations regarding the Oculus Quest. That’s really my mistake.

    Quest is not a terrible product, it’s just design for personal entertainment and not professional work. That said, the latest generation of Oculus Rift-S is better suited for architecture/design and its specs are compatible with a wider range of high-end hardware. It’s also cheaper, but it would appear Facebook favors the Quest over the Rift and I read online the Rift family may be discontinued in the near future. Not sure whether this info is just an online rumor or fact.

    Others in this forum may have access to more accurate information.

    I recently purchased an Oculus Quest (1st generation) and the accompanying Link cable and I am sorry to report it is really design for gaming and social media rather than architecture or design. It is usable still but not great for the money.

    It’s main selling point is that it is less expensive than other alternatives like HTC Vive or Valve Index. If you are going to spend the money I would suggest you acquire a true and tested professional grade headset rather than one for gaming.

    Hi -

    I have been looking into this issue myself since I have an 8 year old workstation with an Nvidia GTX 1080, which by the way performs great with Enscape.

    The main issue I have found is the power supply requirement for the new Nvidia RTX series. I have a 280 Watt power supply in my trusty old Dell T5400 and I would need a dual-slot rated at 320 W to run the new 30x monster cards. Upgrading is not an option. Is best to buy a newer more powerful system with no bottlenecks.

    That said, the RTX 2080ti is a hell of a card by many metrics and far less expensive than the newer generation. I would get that one for my T5400 even if I could only get 80% out of it due to the limitations of my current chipset.