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    Hello everyone -

    We recently upgraded my workstation video card to Nvidia Quadro RTX 4000, and it has been buggy even with upgraded Enscape version 2.6.1 and current Nvidia Quadro Driver.

    The issue comes up while attempting to rotate the view or while copying while Enscape is running. The system just hangs for a rather long time, longer than 5 minutes and then the error message pops up.

    Please see screenshot below for error message.

    My system is setup as follows:

    HP Z640 Workstation

    Window 7 Professional

    Intel Xeon CPU 14C E5-2660 v4 @ 2.00 Ghz

    32 GB DDR4-2400 RAM

    NVIDIA Quadro RTX 4000

    Advanced System settings adjusted for best performance

    If you are experiencing similar events I will greatly appreciate any useful feedback you may provide.



    Perhaps this topic is something already discussed elsewhere on this Forum. If so please direct me to the appropriate link(s).

    I am entertaining the idea of getting a top of the line new generation MacBook Pro and these are offered with Radeon Pro Vega 20 - 4 GB HMB2 memory - video hardware. Does Enscape support this type of video hardware or plan to support it in the future?

    In addition I plan to partition the drive so half may run Windows 10 while the other half runs Mac OS. Is there any advantage to running Enscape on the Windows 10 partition/OS with the Radeon Pro Vega 20, or perhaps that makes no difference?

    Your expert clarifications will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

    Hi Demian,

    Please take a close look at the third image. On the bottom right hand corner there is a dolphin jumping above the water, but there is also an orange artifact in the rendering matching the length of the dolphin. Looks like slightly orange color water or reflection.

    This artifact also rendered in an animation of this scene.

    Even though the dolphins are the same component only this particular one is associated with this artifact.

    What do you think may be causing this accidental visual effect?

    Hi Demian,

    In my experience I find the Asset Library so useful I am relying on it almost exclusively for my entourage needs. As it grows and includes more asset categories I see little need for outside entourage components.

    I do not recall a situation where asset and/or component changes have affected my workflow, but I use SketchUp Pro all the time, perhaps this is more of an issue with other platforms. That said, I find ongoing asset performance optimization more relevant than finer detail, only because most of my work is master planning so the overall picture is more important to me that close up features.

    This brings us to another though; high-level vs low-level asset detail (and perhaps this has already been discussed elsewhere)

    Perhaps in the future the asset library may showcase a specific category for low-level of detail/high performance assets specifically created for master planning or high-level urban planning, like generic buildings, clusters of trees or tree canopies, very low poly people or crowds, parking lot striping or top deck garage parking and streetscape elements intentionally designed to be seen from afar or elevated bird's eye POV.

    And since we are on the topic, a few nice looking clouds that could be positioned/scaled at will would be nice. Bird's eye views looking through an opening in the clouds without having to Photoshop those cloud effects in Post would be very cool!:)

    Vue Ozone has been retired from the market but e-on software still offer this cloud creation solution via their professional subscription package.

    Apparently cloud elements generated with the e-on application can be imported via OpenVDB.

    I wonder if this OpenVDB capability is something the SketchUp software should provide or whether Enscape may work out a way to import OpenVDB files in the future. (Or even better, add a cloud collection to the Asset Library) :)

    Impressive renderings!

    Is the moving cars effect result of post processing or an Enscape feature?

    By the way, the roads in Las Vegas, Nevada look just like that, cracked because of the extreme heat in the summertime and extreme cold in winter.

    The rain water drops on the storefront glass is a very cool trick! You nailed it. Thank you for sharing the process.

    This is a great example of visual storytelling. Now we need the Enscape team to create people in the rain and people looking at the people in the rain assets!😄

    The late afternoon Florida sun tends to throw a particularly warm light on the scene, especially in August. This atmospheric effect is even more prominent after summer thunderstorms, when a thin vail of humidity may linger in the air.

    Here we see that look as an advantage, but you would have to experience it in person to better grasp my point. It’s a Florida vacation moment kind of a thing, and Enscape is proving instrumental in helping us achieve that kind of look.

    Now, the jelly looking blobs in the bird’s eye view, that was me just being lazy. 😀. I didn’t have enough information to build the existing resort buildings and just placed a ‘pudding’ like placeholder instead .

    Thank you for your observations though. I appreciate your point of view.