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    Yesterday the Orlando Business Journal published a news release and a slideshow for a new architectural project our firm, Fugleberg Koch of Winter Park, Florida is currently working on.

    Orlando Business Journal - The Grove Resort news release

    We used SketchUp Pro 2017 and Revit 2018 to develop our design ideas and Enscape 2.5 to produce the rendering views included in the OBJ slideshow.

    We took this opportunity to explore Enscape 2.5 full capabilities, and we are very pleased with the end result. All the entourage you see in those views and the ones attached to this post came directly from Enscape's Asset Library; the textures are from various free sources including FormFonts and 3D Warehouse.

    I hope you enjoy these images.

    I saw a posting by benjaminriendeau of a gym, where there are a couple of TV panels on a wall. This may already be a feature in Enscape, I don't know, but I wonder if simulated TV programming could be shown on the TV screens. For example animated GIF's or even embedded short videos, or slide shows.

    That would be a killer effect for animations of retail spaces for example, where a menu may be shown on an overhead screen and you could see how it changes graphics. Or a hotel lobby where a video wall may show some amazing animated images of travel adventures and exploration.

    If this is already a feature in Enscape, please let me know where to go for information on how to use this feature.


    Since my work involves mix-use development where we see large crowds, people out and about, people shopping, coming and going, etc., and since the Asset Library is proving to be such a great source of ready-to-render entourage material, perhaps even a substitute for other third-party sources, in the future perhaps we could place requests for specific assets directly from the Asset Library.

    For example, this relates to my architectural workflow and may not be valid for others, but as I develop an architectural concept in SketchUp, I find great time savings in just using the Asset Library instead of navigating to my Form Fonts or 3D Warehouse repositories. I am more productive if I do not have to leave my SKP/Enscape environment to search for content. So it would be very useful to be able to place new asset requests directly from the Asset Library dialog.

    Other categories I would like to see in the future are:

    People shopping, carrying bags

    People on mobile devices

    People conversing with other people

    People taking selfies

    People pointing at things

    People greeting each other

    People far in the background - these could be groups of 2D people with almost no features, just large crowds far away in the distance.

    People walking their pets

    People playing sports

    People calling other people with their arms

    People sitting at restaurants, park benches

    Domestic animals


    I appreciate all the valuable information you guys have offered. These will come in handy when explaining color variations/discrepancies to clients.

    Another positive point from this discussion is that I can use Enscape to "test" selected colors under various atmospheric and lighting conditions. This will help clients better understand color and material choices and I am sure it will promote some lively discussions.

    Thank you both for the feedback. I appreciate you taking the time to respond.

    I would like to pose the question in a different way, if I may. I understand color theory and the physics involved in color reproduction, and I do not disagree with both your observations and recommendations.

    That said, as an architect who deals daily with clients of very different levels of sophistication and experience, I find with great frequency perceptual discrepancies between colors selected and specified from manufacturer's catalogs and specifications, and the same color rendition on a digital image or printed material.

    From a client's perspective the expectation is that a chosen color from a manufacturer resource should render or reproduce as close as possible to the sample. This is not in itself an unreasonable request.

    Technical explanations of lighting conditions and atmospheric effects on color rendition are usually met with the same reply, they do not care and just want their buildings to look like the colors and materials they approved. I understand that is not your problem, but it is mine and I am only looking for practical solutions.

    For example, if we compare the bottom two images, the SketchUp view and the Enscape rendering, please notice how similar the stone tile looks on both, and how colors both left and right of the protruding bay in the center look pretty close, yet the "beige" color of the center bay rendered "off white" in Enscape. So this tells me that on the same scene, and given the same lighting and atmospheric conditions, some colors render close to their intended look and others depart significantly. Even colors belonging to the same family.

    I am just trying to understand why this is so.

    My approach is to split the 2D color elevations for approvals, and construction coordination from the rendering material, but that does not stop people from wishing that color matching could be more easily accomplished in renderings as well.