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    Hi Guys,

    I was very intrigued by this challenge and since I had been working on a resort pool concept I thought I would give it a try. Please see the result below.

    In a nutshell, I created two layers for the water. A top layer with the water texture and a bottom layer as the illumination source. See screenshots below.

    Demian, the planned functionalities for 2.6 sound really awesome. I am intrigued though with the approach for the Setting UI getting split into separate UI.

    In my case, I have two 24 inch monitors, and it is common to have multiple programs running at the same time, usually SketchUp, Enscape, Photoshop and MS Outlook, plus any Window Explorer windows with project directory files showing so I may track the work I am doing and sharing with colleagues and clients. My screen real estate gets pretty crowded very quickly.

    One of the challenges I face is trying to keep some sort of order in front of me on the screen while working. When trying different design ideas in Enscape it is common for me to keep Setting, Materials and Assets open, and I am constantly sliding windows out of the way to find what I need.

    Have you given any thoughts to the possibility of including a window management option where any setting, material, asset UI's may be collected under one "tray" or "tabbed tray" similar to/or better than SketchUp or Revit?

    I would like to suggest a feature I have seen in another rendering package where instead of a list, each light source may be controlled in a console type configuration. This way, we may adjust individual light sources live on the screen to add an extra layer of "reality" to evening scenes.

    This would be very useful when creating visualizations for entertainment, hospitality and commercial/retail venues, where evening lifestyle scenes are more appropriate to convey activity than daylight scenes would.

    And since we are dreaming here, adjusting colors and intensity would be a killer feature too. A virtual DMX controller! Is this an impossible goal?

    One of the most interesting qualities of the new Enscape 2.5.1 is its ability to create very attractive and believable atmospheric effects.

    In the process of narrating a story with images instead of words, the ability to create eye catching "atmospheric moods" is essential.

    We respond to the emotional quality of the scene before us, and that emotional quality is brought forth by the visual treatment of light as it travels through space, its interaction with surfaces and materials, and the memories it may trigger from our everyday experiences.

    I developed this visual sequence as a tool to explore Enscape's new and expanded capabilities, as well as an opportunity to explore story-boarding techniques in support of upcoming design work.

    I am looking forward to further refinements in this particular area of Enscape development.

    The ability to quickly and easily manipulate the quality of the atmosphere in a scene is a fantastic feature that adds value to the whole creative effort.

    I am also hoping the Asset Library continues to expand since it is proving to be not only a great time saver, but a much needed resource of high quality entourage material essential for those of us in the business of imagination.


    The topographic features were sourced from 3D Warehouse, as well as the wolves, air balloons and extraterrestrial spaceship. All the trees and the bike rider beyond were sourced from Enscape's own Asset Library. No additional post-processing except file size reduction to fit posting requirements.

    All the work is owned and produced in the Hospitality Design Studio at Fugleberg Koch, Winter Park, Florida.

    Hi Everyone,

    At our office, Fugleberg Koch, we have been working on a number of hospitality concepts exploring the ideas of adventure, explorations and the nature of leisure travel in today’s highly interconnected world.

    A very important aspect of these ideation efforts is to effectively and elegantly convey that sense of wonder and awe that arriving at a new destination may elicit in those who get to experience it for the first time, or even every time they visit, just like our wonderful resort parks here in Orlando, Florida.

    To that effect we use our planning, design and storytelling skills to bring forth those awe-inspiring moments which then transform into the memories of a lifetime, becoming the topic of conversation around the family table long after the travelers return home.

    Enscape, particularly the latest version 2.5, in combination with SketchUp Pro is a fantastic tool for developing those visual narratives.

    I have only been using Enscape for the last couple of years, and I find it exceptionally good at putting into visual form those design ideas floating around in my head.

    I would like to share with the Enscape community a few images of our latest conceptual work-in-progress, and to benefit from your own observations and suggestions.

    In fact, this work came about in my effort to replicate a wet effect I saw in an earlier posting by tas_1985, Cloudy day rendering exercise, which I thought was very cool. In the process of learning how to replicate a similar wet floor effect I found myself building a whole other world and exploring other ideas.

    To me this is the beauty of Enscape. It opens other doors for the imagination to keep exploring.


    All SketchUp components are sourced from 3D Warehouse and FormFonts. No post-processing, these images were generated using only Enscape 2.5, and Adobe Photoshop was only used to reduce the file size for posting.