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    Hey all, not sure if this is going to be of use to anyone but I thought I'd share it anyway.

    I've always struggled with matching camera views in Revit for Aerial visuals from Google Earth so I came up with a workflow to match a camera view based on parameters you can get from Google Earth and as I worked with Enscape at the time this workflow will enable you to also match the FOV between Revit and Enscape.

    This workflow requires a custom adaptive family which acts as a guide for your camera placement in Revit. Unfortunately snaps don't work when placing the camera but you can get pretty close by zooming in. I made a PDF presentation/guide for my office at the time, so I hope it will be clear enough to follow.

    PDF guide/presi

    Revit Family

    There is a parameter in the family called "Range_Input" ... If Range_Input = 0 , The family will be driven by the the distance between the two placement points. I hope this will make sense once you read the guide and have a play with the family.

    Hope this helps... Regards