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    Second the update view/scene option, so I'm glad to hear it's being worked on. I'd also like to push for Enscape to support panning after a view is set with Parallel Projection in sketchup. Rather than having both Sketchup scenes and Enscape scenes within one skp file, I'd like to just have the skp scenes and synchronize with enscape.


    I'm not sure how to record a video at the moment, but I can try and clarify. I understand that Enscape doesn't save views that have been panned or zoomed in sketchup after setting a camera location (although I really wish it would). What has surprised me is that if I turn off the synchronize view and move the camera around in Enscape it will not save the view if I'm in 2 point perspective and use the look around or obit to look up. If I try and save the view, the next time I go back to the view it sets the camera as if looking straight at the object. The problem I'm running into is getting a view of a taller building from closer up. If you just look straight it's impossible to capture the whole thing without severe field of view adjustments or standing VERY far back.


    Sketchup 2018

    Enscape 2.5.1

    Although it didn't seem to be a problem when 2.5 was first installed, new views using "Create View" are not saving. After creating the view from within the Enscape window, then selecting from "Manage Views" the view will revert back to whatever my Sketchup view is. This is despite having "Synchronize Views" OFF. I understand there are some issues between Sketchup and Enscape views when you pan/zoom in sketchup after placing the camera, and Enscape is unable to track those movements, but this is a different issue altogether.