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    Great work! Just a small thought: Have you tried reducing the ambient brightness? Too high ambient brightness (scene dependent unfortunately, working on that) can sometimes lead to contrast-less indoor lighting. I guess the walls look a bit flat and could show more gradients of lighting caused by the windows.

    PS: Great roughness map on the floor.

    Just a quick question for clarification - will this be for all graphic cards or will it be different on RTX cards? I was looking at the 2.6 list of proposed improvements, and I was concerned how far will we fall behind with GTX cards only.

    The sun shadow improvements I'm talking about are unrelated to RTX. You will still benefit from the raytracing improvements without an RTX card, since we have a compatibility mode that runs the RTX features on non-RTX hardware. It's just not as fast and will likely be tuned a bit down here and there (as it already is in v2.5), but it will still benefit heavily.

    I have also run into some issues with light-leak and incorrect shadows, but specifically the newer version of Enscape seems to be much worse in this regard.

    It sometimes happens that improvements are better in 80% of the cases but worse in 20%. For 2.6, we're currently working on a major improvement on the sun shadow quality, it will be in one of the next public previews.

    ..I´ve had a hard experience trying to explain that to some clients. You will never have excact the same WYS color you bought at the hardwarestore on the wall back home when you paint it due to:

    • different lightconditions (colortemperature lamps, lightpower, weather conditions, season, night/day for outside windows)
    • impact from environment (colors from other walls inside or outside windows)
    • angle and reflexions (a flat horisontal surface is not same as vertical)
    • texture on surface
    • ++

    A good summary. Let me add one: The exposure has also an impact, since the transfer from (high dynamic range) lighting unit of your scene to your screen is non-linear which leads to saturation changes across different light scales. TL;DR -> Accurate color reproduction can only be ensured in a comic-like render like the SketchUp viewport. Else, you will not get the albedo color when using the color picker on the output image.

    The scene composition is very nice. Yet the realism of the image suffers from too dark albedos. Remember, a material albedo of 0-0-0 black does not exist. Even dark soil has around 15 (speaking of a maximum of 256). The furniture and decoration letters look like they are too dark and hence show only their specular highlight.

    In previous Enscape versions, fog affected the skybox with a similar metric that has been proposes here.

    This has led to various bug reports and complaints because the fog forms an edge at the horizon since we have no information about geometry in the skybox. This horizon edge/gradient does not look good at all, so we removed it. The fog should now be used to make enscape resemble the weather conditions in your skybox, but changing skyboxes from within enscape is almost imoossible due to missing geometric information.

    The same applies for the request to move inside the skybox (change the position of camera) instead of having the skybox infinitely far away. This is not possible unless you project it to a sphere which creates weird distortions.

    Looks nice! I think the roof tiles are a bit too desaturated, the chairs and the BBQ look too bright. The texture layout on the wood looks nice and correct. Maybe you could add a bit of material variation (via texture or different components) on the greyish metal frame - it looks quite uniform.

    Great scene, herbo!

    yes i like it

    is this scene made with "new" enscape with rtx support ?

    Just to clarify: We already do ray tracing in Enscape. RTX will first of all accelerate it - but real time raytracing is already in there! We might however add a bit more detail and realism to the reflections with RTX.