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    There is basically nothing you can do to improve the reflections on your side. It's due to certain optimizations. However we will improve the reflection and indirect light quality soon to fix these kinds of problems.

    The reflections are approximated to make them faster. In the latest Enscape for Revit preview version, the reflections are improved by a lot. But it's generally a trade off to make them draw fast and also look plausible in most of the architectural scenarios.

    The current SketchUp alpha already supports billboards and we will probably add Scatter support in a future version.

    A vegetation library is not yet planned but we're opened to support other kind of proxy solutions (like Scatter).

    Basically you're right, although de-/activating the fixed seat license is not how it's designed to be. The fixed seat license should be used if you have X dedicated machine to run Enscape. For all other cases, the number of floating license determines the number of Enscape windows that can be opened at the same time.

    The emissive surfaces currently only affect a small area around them with artificial light. However we already have a good solution to improve that, it's included in the Revit alpha and will be added to SketchUp soon. Then, the emissive surfaces act as a real light source across long distances.

    You can see a comparison image from TowerPower here: Incredible Program! I Have Some Feedback

    Thanks for this great review, TowerPower! We're happy to hear that you like Enscape.

    does the color derive from the grass material color, or is it independant?

    The grass color comes from the grass texture that is assigned to the grass material. The issue you observed probably comes from grass growing "through" geometry. You have to remove the ground/grass surface underneath.

    I agree, the light leaking can still be improved and will remain an open topic for us for some time. At least it shouldn't be very noticeable - that's the goal! We'll also think about a better solution for the quality settings, to make it more tweakable.

    Thanks for sharing these images! They look great - I can almost hear the echoes of playing sport teams while looking at it :)

    That's an optical illusion, the optical density for shorter distances (near the camera) is lower. You'll notice that if you compare a far away object with fog enabled with an object that is near to you.

    There should be no difference in terms of moving water with HDRI background or normal sky. Isn't the water moving at 1:21?

    Regarding the window reflections: Be sure to set the opacity to 1% only. The reflections itself are to be improved, the Revit preview version already has improved reflections. It will come soon for SketchUp too.

    This is a known issue in the current Enscape version which comes from real-time approximations. We already released an preview/alpha version of an improved version. You'll find it at the bottom of the download page -> "Preview". It will improve the accuracy of your reflections.

    Great questions, thanks.

    Obviously, Revit and Sketchup integrations are pretty far apart at the moment, I was wondering if there is a dedicated Sketchup team or are the same people working on Enscape for revit as the ones working with Sketchup?

    Please keep in mind that Enscape for SketchUp is not even released yet, it is not finished yet as of March 2017. We have separated teams and the functionality will become identical after the the next releases.

    How about a separate forum, one for Sketchup and the other for Revit?

    We now separated the forums, I hope you like it.

    Is there a roadmap of development for the Sketchup integration?

    Click here to visit our development agenda:…-agenda-www-enscape3d-com

    The SketchUp related features have a yellow color flag.

    What are the goals Enscape wants to achieve, is it more towards the VR market or the animation market? I ask this as it would give clarity to many folk who think long term when purchasing a product,?

    Our priorities:

    1. Fast and spontaneous walkthroughs for design reviews. The use includes client presentation and internal usage. We aim at a quality level that matches offline rendering.
    2. VR presentations
    3. Deliverables like videos and panoramas

    The fast and high quality rendering itself has the highest priority, but we're putting more and more manpower in the other areas as well.

    Will vegetation proxy's be a future option, or how do you plan to deal with vegetation going forward?

    At the release version, we will also offer to use a material keyword for grass, but afterwards we'll also support certain proxies.

    When will lights and a material editor be available for the Sketchup version?

    It's not always possible to give exact predictions for certain features. But I can tell you that artificial lights have a very high priority right now. A better material solution will follow afterwards.

    I understand you all in Germany, will you have support 24 hours when things get busy?

    We're working hard to offer a solution within 48 hours from sending an email to our support at

    You can't do anything to fix that right now, sorry. However, we will release an alpha version (at least for Revit) in a few days which will improve the reflection accuracy. The fix will also be incorporated into SketchUp soon.

    EDIT: Revit alpha with improved GI is released. You'll find it at the bottom of the downloads page.

    Also, on the latest version, when you create a video do you see the progress bar? I am not seeing it any more.

    This is a bug in the current alpha, it's fixed in the next release.

    I'm sorry to hear that there are issues related to the install / uninstall / update process. Thanks for reporting them, we'll try to fix them. Please understand that it is an alpha preview version, which may contain such issues.

    The SketchUp section cuts are not yet supported but will be until release.

    Does Enscape with both CPU and GPU? I was rendering out an animation at 1080p and my GPU was hardly even working hard, and does it work with dual cards?

    It mainly uses the GPU, but it does not benefit from SLI yet.

    I had to save close, restart to fix up this issue.

    Another question, is there anyway to abort an animation rendering?

    You simply click the export button again in SketchUp, in Revit theres a special Stop button that appears during capturing.