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Please note: Should you experience issues with Enscape or your subscription, and in case of any urgent inquiries/questions (e.g. regarding our upcoming licensing changes) please reach out to our dedicated support team via the Help Center or Support button as detailed here.

    Also, on the latest version, when you create a video do you see the progress bar? I am not seeing it any more.

    This is a bug in the current alpha, it's fixed in the next release.

    I'm sorry to hear that there are issues related to the install / uninstall / update process. Thanks for reporting them, we'll try to fix them. Please understand that it is an alpha preview version, which may contain such issues.

    The SketchUp section cuts are not yet supported but will be until release.

    Does Enscape with both CPU and GPU? I was rendering out an animation at 1080p and my GPU was hardly even working hard, and does it work with dual cards?

    It mainly uses the GPU, but it does not benefit from SLI yet.

    I had to save close, restart to fix up this issue.

    Another question, is there anyway to abort an animation rendering?

    You simply click the export button again in SketchUp, in Revit theres a special Stop button that appears during capturing.

    How does one insert a youTube video into forum post?

    You can simply paste the link and it makes a video out of it.

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    I guess you mean animated section cuts? Normal ones for Revit work already and will for SketchUp upon release. All four things might be added in the future, although WebGL not in the immediate next months. But the other ones are closely related to an overall improvement of the video recording and output using keyframes.

    It's currently not possible to give an exact schedule when certain features will be released. We will release Enscape for SketchUp in a few weeks. The features you mentioned are not all included from the start but will follow for sure.

    Even if your trial ran out, you can still use it. However it's watermarked.

    Hi Kevin,

    it might be related to the distance from light to ground (or whatever it should hit). Right now, there is only a limited radius of influence, which depends on the light's intensity. We will solve that issue in future releases.

    The only option you could try is to increase the light's intensity.

    But that is just an assumption - usually the light's distance is enough to see it. Could you post an image?


    You could place point lights inside the room to fill it with ambient light. The behavior you observed is the optimization of Enscape which gives the lights a limited radius of influence. You could also try to increase the light intensity, which should also increase the light radius.

    During October, we will also release a new version which should improve the indoor lighting a lot.

    Hi Darkitect & welcome here!

    Right now there is no possibility to tune it - the range is fixed. But we'll see what we can do to offer a possibility for that in a future release!

    You could maybe hide it with fog in the meantime.


    Hi Allen,

    exporting in Shockwave or another web-based player is not possible at the moment.

    However you could try one of the following options:

    • Reduce the scene size: Use a cross section to cut things apart
    • Use another file hosting service

    In the next releases, the filesize will also drop - we work on getting it smaller!