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    Certain reflections are not 100% accurate at Enscape. Our goal is to make hide those optimizations so that you do not notice them, so that the most visible reflections are always accurate.

    Note: please be sure to use version 2.0, there were big improvements regarding reflections.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Regarding ArchiCAD: We currently making good progress on supporting Rhino, but shortly after we will release ArchiCAD too.

    The proxy system is on our agenda and will be supported by SketchUp first but propably the other ones will follow quickly.

    Is this a Revit issue? I use the Sketchup version and I like the new quality and I have not noticed a slowdown, in fact, Enscape loads much faster and even larger models are a breeze. I do have a high-end machine (Ryzen 1800x with 2x 1080ti's) The Sketchup version does not have all the bells and whistles the Revit version does so maybe in that there could be a slowing factor, cannot say.

    The SketchUp and Revit rendering for Enscape are identical since 2.0. The loading speed is being continuously optimized, which also happened this time.

    We know that certain bugs previous to 2.0 made colors brighter, but that was incorrect. Reverting to this behavior because it looked pleasant does not seem right - we work towards showing it as correct as possible without distorting anything to create a certain look. Hence the visual changes in terms of color. They were no artistic choices.

    And as I said: Performance and Grain/Noise will certainly be improved in upcoming releases, so we try to satisfy not only high-spec machine users.

    What worries me most about this product though is the demand for more and more will eventually have an adverse effect on what was good about it to begin with. The more and more that's asked of the developers the greater the impact it will have on performance and actually being able to run it efficiently.

    The great thing for us is that it's usable for the everyday user not just the 3DS Max user for example. There needs to be a point where we say 'this is good enough for the end user and for what we set out to produce' anything more than this and you're looking at a higher end Max or Unreal Engine.

    Enscape is sold as a real-time rendering engine add on for Revit and Sketchup. I think people need to remember that Revit and Sketchup will be most practices main software and if machines are used primarily to run these two programmes then adding Enscape on will become impossible unless you ask them to invest £££ in new machines which won't always be plausible. There will be a fine line in this I am sure.

    I agree and we're aware of that. In most cases, new features do not mean less performance. Version 2.0 is an exception, because it's a big step towards quality - not only added features. We will now focus back on making it run faster while adding useful features. A quality and performance requirement step like from 1.9 to 2.0 is so far unique for us and will not happen again for a long time.

    And as previously said: There's an option to set the quality a bit lower. We want to deliver a smooth experience at mid range hardware but also leverage the powerful machines. Of course, it does not work well when using a poor machine and setting the quality to "Ultra".

    Thanks for the comparison image. It looks however that you compared v2.0 with one of the recent previews that already included a lot of 2.0 additions. Are you sure that the V1 is a release version (like the one that is currently still in the SketchUp extension warehouse - theyll update it soon)?

    Chose the Revit view, adjust the aspect ratio of your window and set the field of view. Then it shouls match 100%.

    The sun position is automatically transferred from Revit to Enscape.

    Do not use Two Point here. Two Point is a distortion of the image to force vertical lines being vertical in the image. It might be useful for certain rendering perspectives but in general it should not be used.

    Right now, no area lights are supported. It will come soon.

    In the meantime, you can use a stripe made of emissive material. Please be sure to use the preview version of Enscape for SketchUp (at the bottom of our download page) or wait a few days for V2.0 - in the current release version, I won't get this nice soft light under the emissive surface but with the new version (or preview) it should work great.

    This is some sort of "bug" in the current Enscape version and will be fixed in V2.0, which will be released in the next days. You can also try the preview version at the bottom of the download page - it's almost identical to what will be released soon.

    Every exe that is generated by Enscape is different (different content inside), that is why we can't digitally sign them in advance. A viewer that is digitally signed and a "project file" may be a solution, but involves an installation step which also needs an exe file to be executed.

    Nowadays, Anti-Virus softwares do not just compare EXE files to their list of existing malware, they also try to find patterns that look suspicious in the code. Sounds as if it does not work reliably? Exactly. The steps where we extract the compressed 3D content is sometimes considered as suspicious.

    We can't do something very quickly here, but we'll keep an eye on finding a suitable solution.