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    After a bit of testing with the 3.3 update it seems like it not solves the issue. But now Revit crashes when trying to modify the IFC export settings. It now works to access the Export IFC tool, and it works to select a standard setting and make an export. But when trying to access the modify export settings Revit crashes. Or rather, in 2020 Revit crashes when trying to access the modify settings. In 2021 and 2022 I can access the modify settings but when I klick OK or Cancel Revit crashes. I made a screen video,

    Thank you both lot for the further Feedback - Just in case you haven't already since the preview does not resolve this problem at hand on these mentioned machines, please also send us a report including log files. Feel free to also let me know once you've done so and we can have a look ourselves.

    I sent the log files just the other day. I sent from all Revit versions on the computer that still have the issue. If you haven't recived them, let me know.

    Hi, I have now tested some more and here are my results. I have tested on two computers. Both are reacently installed from scratch with our companys windows 10 image.

    These are the Revit versions we are running and the IFC exporters

    Revit 2020,, 20210804_1515(x64), 2020.2.5


    Revit 2021, 21211018_1515(x64). 2021.1.5


    Revit 2022,, 20210921_1515(x64), 2022.1


    On Computer 1 I just installed Enscape and on Computer 2 I have installed the Preview release,

    On computer 1

    Revit 2020 - works!

    Revit 2021 - works!

    Revit 2022 - crash!

    On computer 2

    All versions of Revit crashes, and it also did before upgrading to the Preview release.

    On computer 1 I installed the preview release of Enscape but 2022 still crashes. 2020 and 2021 works.

    On Computer 2 I installed IFC but it made no difference. All versions of Revit still craches.

    On Computer 1 I uninstalled Enscape, run the IFC export on all Revit versions, re-installed Enscape Preview release and now it all works. I can imagine that it will work on computer 2 aswell, but it is still a workaround and no real solution.

    As far as I can see the 3.3 version doesn't fix the issue.

    I don't know, really. I have recived som emails from their support asking me to install other versions of Enscape. First they told me that they had a hotfix (3.2.0+65063) we run 3.2.0+63301, and they asked me to install it to see if it helped. It didn't. Then they asked me to install an older version, 3.1.2, and it worked. Then i reinstalled 3.2.2 again and it worked after that on my testcomputer. So, some uninstalling and reinstalling seems to fix the problem, but what is causing it?

    Now I have assisted a user that got this problem. The user works in Revit 2020. The project is places on BIM 360. He used the built-in IFC exporter but it have some limitations so we upgraded to the latest relese on GitHub, After the installation Revit crashed when he tried to use the Export IFC. I renamed the file 0_Enscape.addin in the 2020 addins folder and restarted Revit and now it works. On his computer 2020 is the latest Revit version and the Enscape version is 3.2.


    We have had som problems latley with Revit crashing when we try to export IFC. After a bit of troubleshooting it seems to be Enscape that is the problem. If we uninstall Enscape it works like it should with the IFC Export. It seems to appear randomly and not all computers are effected. When the problem appears Revit just quits, without any warning, when the user clicks on export IFC. The dialog for Export IFC don't show up. We disabled all the addinns and then the Export IFC worked. We enabled all the addins again and now we get to the dialog for Export IFC, but it crashed whe we tyied to run the export. If disable just the .addin-file for Enscape it works and if we unistall Enscape it works. Somtimes it works to export IFC if we reinstall Enscape, but not everytime. When the crashes happens we can see an Application Error in the Windows Event Viewer. It seems to be an error between Revit.exe and clr.dll (Microsoft.Net?)

    Anyone who had the same problem?


    We have had this problem with Revit freezing when syncing some of our BIM 360 models, for quite a while now. It started to appear when we started with a project on BIM 360 Teams and Revit 2017 a couple of years ago. But not for all of us and the problem appeared a little bit randomly. We haven't found any solution until now with the workaround but the problem hasn't been that big so we haven't put alot of effort to it. Anyone else that have had the problem with Revit Freeze when syncing to BIM 360 models prior to Enscape 2.8? I know that we have this problem in a large project that still uses Revit 2018. They will test the workaround to see if it will work for them.