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    Yes, thank you @Demian Gutberlet and team. The reflection issue has been solved with v 3.5.3.

    I did experience 'failed to load render data' for 9 custom assets in the enscape window. I'm not sure what caused these few custom assets to load, as others loaded fine. I did re-create these 'failed to load' custom assets by importing the same .fbx or .obj files that they were originally created from, and these new custom assets did load into the enscape window just fine.

    If I can narrow down the issue I will send the support team another 'ticket'

    Yes...we have noticed this issue with the cut-outs for our custom assets as well, and are hoping the next release will address this issue.

    We also have made the following note to the enscape support team using 3.5.2+112393 in revit 2024

    1. In the custom asset editor, within the 'reflections' channel...when a 'texture' file is selected...the custom asset will not show reflections for this texture file. Also the 'metal slider' has no effect on the custom asset or withing the custom asset preview window

    2. The only way to produce reflections of a custom asset is to NOT select a texture file withing the 'reflections channel'. The 'metallic' and 'roughness' sliders will then work to produce a sheen to the asset material. (Not great, but it is a work-around)

    3. Also, custom assets that were created pre enscape 3.5 will not show the reflections, or smoothness properly (all custom asset finishes are matte if they used a reflection texture file), unless the 'reflections' channel texture is not used

    4. We are eagerly waiting for the next enscape release to address this issue. We are currently stuck using Revit 2024 for some projects as revit does not allow to 'save-as' to a previous release that would allow us to use enscape 3.4 until this issue is addressed.

    ...hope the new enscape is released soon :)

    thanks kindly,

    We are having the same issues with reflections of custom assets using the latest Enscape 3.5 version. Tried both revit 2020, & revit 2024

    In the latest Enscape 3.5 version, When selecting a ‘texture file’ for the reflection area of a custom asset….the texture file has no effect in either of the following:

    - preview area of the custom asset (not saving the preview of the adjusted reflection texture)

    - the Enscape window showing the custom asset (there is no effect of the reflection texture for the custom asset)

    It seems the ‘reflection textures’ are not saving to the custom assets to properly visualize

    Enscape version 3.4 works properly, but in order to utilize a revit 2024 file, we have to use Enscape 3.5, and it just does not work

    I have sent a few feedback tickets to Enscape support for the last weeks but have had no response from Enscape

    Thanks kindly