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    Here is a variant to what Dbisson mentioned above. That method did work for me, but only after these steps: Start a new session of REVIT, close it, go back to the original session. Then follow Dbisson instructions: tap icon in taskbar, hit enter (to a ghost window) and wait for sync to finish. Not sure why it is waiting to sync again after the sync that caused it to freeze up in the first place....

    Recently, we have not been able to use the iPhone's motion and accelerometer to view 360 Enscape links on several staff and client phones. This seems to have started with a recent Apple update ( iOS 12.2 fand Safari browser version 12.1), See…motion-orientation-access. I have tried turning on the new Safari security setting “Motion and Orientation Access”, which is off by default, but the image still does not move around by moving the phone. Only if one uses their finger will the image move around. It seems that a permission is required beyond the security setting for Safari.