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    I wanted to use yours because the enscape editor always creates out-of-scale models for me, even a simple chair, exported with blender, when I import the model in Escape, is huge!

    Do the scales match? The Enscape Asset Library dimensions are in meters.

    change your 3D source file to meters. If necessary rescale your original 3D file.

    Alternatively: Load your 3D file, change the dimensions in the Custom Asset Editor and reload the 3D file.

    I love the suggestion. :)

    Please feel free to forward your wish directly to product management (and thus our 3D Artists as well) using our Voting Portal:
    Enscape Public Voting Portal (How to forward/upvote Feature/Asset Requests directly)

    Fingers crossed that we may eventually add capybaras. ;)

    I hope the 3D artists focus on items that have a use to the wider Enscape Community like non-caucasian people.
    A Capybara or the already added 'passenger drones' are great, but I doubt a lot of people get any use out of them.
    TBH anything as specific as a Capybara we add through our custom asset library and won't hope for Enscape to fulfill a request.
    Here's a link for Thomas.

    Apologies if this already possible and i just couldn't find it:

    It would be great if in the standalone versions (web and/exe) there was some control over what can be adjusted. I want my clients to focus and not change modes to realistic when we haven't really applied materials, etc. or change the camera lens or night and day. Let's face it. A lot of users will accidentally change something and not be able to go back.

    Turning off features individually would be great, but for a start maybe able to not have the settings menu at all in the standalone.

    People like "Karen" and "Stephan" are bad, I mean less versatility, they are either dress too fancy or too casual.

    There are no 'bad' people. I use those two quite frequently actually. there will always be a different need for different types.

    In addition to people in winter coats and people in shorts I would love to have a lot of Arabic people since I have a lot of projects in the middle east. Probably no use to a lot of other people, thus low on the priority list of Enscape...

    General Variety is important. I strongly second the suggestion of being able to change colors of assets. Skin color, Hair Color, Car color, Fabric color. That'll go a long way of making assets multiple use without repetition.