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    Apologies if this already possible and i just couldn't find it:

    It would be great if in the standalone versions (web and/exe) there was some control over what can be adjusted. I want my clients to focus and not change modes to realistic when we haven't really applied materials, etc. or change the camera lens or night and day. Let's face it. A lot of users will accidentally change something and not be able to go back.

    Turning off features individually would be great, but for a start maybe able to not have the settings menu at all in the standalone.

    People like "Karen" and "Stephan" are bad, I mean less versatility, they are either dress too fancy or too casual.

    There are no 'bad' people. I use those two quite frequently actually. there will always be a different need for different types.

    In addition to people in winter coats and people in shorts I would love to have a lot of Arabic people since I have a lot of projects in the middle east. Probably no use to a lot of other people, thus low on the priority list of Enscape...

    General Variety is important. I strongly second the suggestion of being able to change colors of assets. Skin color, Hair Color, Car color, Fabric color. That'll go a long way of making assets multiple use without repetition.