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    Why do my escape materials no longer show up when working on another PC?

    We use the Revit work-sharing for multiple people to work on the same file. When one person applies materials in enscape and the file is opened by another PC the materials are lost.

    This has worked in the past but not for the last few months.

    We are all working on the same network and the file path for both the Revit file and the material library are the same on all our computers.

    I would like to get this resolved as it hinders our workflow. Any help would be much appreciated.

    I upgraded my monitors to 2 27" 4k monitors, and I have one 55" 4k tv attached to my computer. I currently have a NVIDIA Quadro P4000 and Enscape is running very choppy. Can anyone suggest what graphics card would work the best for this to have Enscape run smoothly again?

    Revit Freezes after closing project (A) in Revit with the Enscape window still open on Project (A), I then proceed to synchronize project (B) with the central model; That is when Revit freezes and I need to force Revit to shut down. When Revit is frozen I see the small status pop-up bar indicating that it is trying to update enscape but that (Project A) file is close, so I'm guessing Enscape doesn't know what to do. Is anyone else having this issue.? can it be fixed?