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    The class under the identity was set to ceramic, but we changed it to generic and it still does not show up in Enscape. Is the identity tab under the selected materials what Enscape references? We updated our entire library and started from either a base material or one of the PBR updated assets.

    When I look at the tile, it is a base material (generic in the identity tab), but the category is layered. Does Enscape read the category or the type?

    Also, if we have the maps correct within Revit, will Enscape read those maps, or do they have to be added into their material browser editor to gain more control over the final material outcome?

    We have been updating our materials library in Revit to the new PBR assets and removing the legacy assets. However, Enscape does not recognize the new materials and they are no longer editable in the materials browser. The only materials still within the browser are the ones using the legacy assets (see attachments).

    Does this mean Enscape is using the maps in the Revit library to create the PBR texture OR has the ability to refine the material within Enscape lost with the update to the PBR asset change?