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    To add to my question, forgive me if this is easy but I am not an expert at enscape yet. Is there a way to put a permanent watermark, say on one of the bottom corners, of the exe file so that at least my business name stays with the file if I give it over to the client?


    Hello all,

    This is one of my first posts. I have a question about other peoples general practice when it comes to Enscape in particular with the EXE files and releasing their models.

    As we all know, Enscape creates some amazing visuals for us (architectural renderers and architects etc...) to present clients models to them in a more realistic way. Its speed and quality is both a huge plus, but also a huge negative for someone like me. I run an architectural visualization company so renderings and animations are literally my main product to sell and now enscape has made that possible with the click of a button meaning many architecture firms I work with have reduced the amount of renderings they need from me drastically. It Can be good for me sometimes because I can sell normal priced renderings that I can produce at quicker speeds, but also hurts me because if my client has the model and enscape, they basically dont need me anymore.

    So I have two main questions:

    1. If a client hires you to build them a 3D model and make it look good in enscape with enscape entourage; when you finish the model do you just charge them for your time, or do you charge an additional fee to release the model to them assuming they wont need you anymore if it is ready to view in enscape?

    2. Secondly, if a client just wants the ability to drive and fly around in the model at their own convenience by using an EXE file; again do you charge extra to create and hand over the exe file or do you just charge them for the time it took to create the model and export the exe?

    Again I love Enscape, but I am constantly worried and trying to make sure it doesnt put me out of business, and I want to make sure I get paid what I deserve but also dont rip off the client if it seems to be standard practice to hand over the model and exe files without extra charge. So I was just curious what some other professionals are doing out there. I really appreciate any insight anyone can offer.