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    @landvr1 - I would have thought that 360x180 degrees IS the FOV/Focal Length of the pano camera. I wouldn't imagine that the render engine is stitching together multiple shots like we would have to in conventional photography, but would love to know if I'm off base! This would put the blame on Enscape's browser viewer (very weird depending on aspect ratio), but not the flat images themselves.

    The office space comparison on Yulio from the OP is amazing, but it's worth noting the station points are different with Enscape being set farther back in the space than Vray. This makes it hard to compare apples to apples. I've tried matching views between Enscape and Twinmotion (also not adjustable) and get nearly identical spatial results with the same viewer. If you render out the exact same pano from Vray with different FOV settings, how do the images compare?

    Does this issue affect stereo panoramic jpegs when viewed on oculus, cardboard, etc, in addition to mono panoramas when viewed in a 2D environment? It seems that the panoramic images exported should be field-of-view-less, i.e. 360 degrees flattened out.

    The whole point of VR is provide real-to-life perspective, and if that is not the case it is definitely an issue that needs resolution.