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    Thank you, the license is now working.

    I haven't tried to move the license or changed anything about my machine that I can think of, so I'm not sure what has triggered the license deactivation either time. Is there anything you can suggest to stop this happening again?

    Hi, I have had an error message reading "Your license could not be activated, because you've exceeded the number of seats for your license. You can try to deactivate your license in the Licensing tab of the General Settings window on your other machine." I have updated to the latest version of enscape, I have tried deactivating and reactivating the license, I have tried removing and re-entering the license key and I have tried restarting my computer, none of which have helped. This happened to me on Friday, and after emailing license support they reset the license and it began working again that same day. However, it is now Tuesday and the message has appeared again, and I have had no response to my most recent emails.

    Please can you help me resolve this so that it doesn't keep happening? Thanks in advance.

    Hi Demian,

    Yes, you're right, I have been mainly relying on the auto brightness that applies when no lights are added, but adding lights and setting the time to night is resolving the issue. However, inserting lights into all my interior scenes is quite a lot extra work so I'd much prefer to be able to rely on the automatic brightness/exposure that applies without the glitchy glowing objects appearing.

    Adding lights ought to do the trick this time though, so thanks for your help.

    I've noticed now in this view, but also in other scenes in the past, that where I've put in mirrors the reflections are showing lighting effects quite differently to how they appear in the general room. For example in the attached image, I've added some spots as well as a rectangular lighting plane to the ceiling for more even lighting, which achieves the desired effect in the main space but in the mirror's reflection I have a very visible white rectangle? Any pointers? Or should I create an alternative thread for that issue?

    Hi Demian,

    Thank you for responding so quickly.

    All of the walls, floor and ceiling have a thickness, as this is modelled as part of a larger building model.

    When I set the settings to night time, the room is almost entirely black. I have initially being trying to render the room with a section cut through the model to achieve a better angle, so while the section cut is active the room is technically exposed to the outside atmosphere, but even turning off the section cut and enclosing the windowless room entirely, the view is entirely black when turning settings to night. I have attached an export with these settings.

    Reducing the ambient brightness is having the effect of making the room slightly darker, but even in the darker room, the curved surface of the WC and the interior of the sink are still glowing brighter than other areas of the room. I have attached another exported view showing this effect.

    Do you have any other suggestions I can try? Thanks in advance for any help!

    Was a solution actually ever found to this? The thread appears to end with a model being sent and no solution given.

    I am having a similar issue where some white surfaces, particularly curved ones, appear to give off their own glow despite not being an emissive surface. For example, the WC in the attached image as well as the inside of the sink. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.