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    Yes. Exactly. I have to turn off/close Enscape and open again to update in real time.

    Another strange thing is, if I close Rhino and open again, Encape will update in real time for some minutes and then it will stop again.

    To not keep closing and opening Rhino, I Start Enscape with Enscape opened to update whatever I have changed in rhino, but this is such a pain because it makes the process a lot slower!

    Hi Demian! Thanks for your reply.

    Yes, I am using version 3.4.2

    No, if I pause and resume wont work.

    Im using rhino 7.

    One thing that I noticed is that as the rhino files gets larger and havier, this problem starts to happen. If I stay in a file untill 80mb, this wont happen, only when the file is above 80mb or something. Actually, Im not sure if 80mb is the crossing line exactly because I keep working on the file without using Enscape and quickly the files reaches something like 300mb and this problem starts happening right away when I open Enscape with a 300mb file.

    Anyways, I noticed this happens with larger files.



    Hello everyone.

    I have a 3D Connexion mouse that was working perfectly with Rhino and Enscape in another computer.

    Now its not working in this computer at my new job.

    The mouse works ok with rhino, but when I open Enscape, it doesnt work at all and also doesnt work in rhino while Enscape is open.

    I can only get to use the mouse again in Rhino if I close Enscape. This wasnt happening before.

    The only difference is that before I was using Rhino 7 and now Im using rhino 6(I know its an older one but we will update soon).

    Does anyone know whats happening?


    Hi guys.

    Recently Enscape for rhino stops updating changes made in the model such editing geometry, creating new geometry, new assets and any thing that will change, add or remove from the rhino file.

    I have noticed that when I open Rhino file and right away open Enscape, it works fine. After some time it stops updating when I have Enscape window open in another monitor.

    So I have to close both windows, also rhino, open it again to have real time edits to show on enscape window.

    Does anyone know how to fix this?