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    We had the same problem months ago... We finally got a MSI Raider with a GTX 1070, which looks "gamey" but it's mostly black, the colorful keyboard is customizable and you can turn off the lights.

    I got sometimes this problem. Usually is caused by wrong setup in light sources. You can simply hide all light sources, or locate the wrong ones.

    I'm getting this issue frequently... Video previsualisation doesn't run fluid when previsualising, which is normal as it's a previsualisation, but I don't understand why the same problem occurs in rendering. It even happens in the same frames. I know that Enscape uses GPU for rendering, but I think it is weird anyway.

    PC is a i5-7600K with a Nvidia 1050ti and 32GB RAM. It happens in all Revit versions.

    There's always, I dunno, doing coordination in software designed specifically for coordination? Navisworks, Solibri, etc... Enscape's dedicated focus on live-visualisation is the very reason why I opted for it, over the other wouldbe contender (at the time) Revizto. If you're providing such services, then it pays to get paid to play with the correct tools.

    Big companies move slowly, sometimes it last monthts for them to get new software. They already have Enscape, so they would give it a try for this too. For the moment they're exporting Plant 3D models to "normal" dwgs in order to insert them in Revit and run Enscape, but yes, Revizto would probably be the choice for the future.

    Any news on when would be this implemented in Enscape? It is pretty critic for one of our clients, they're even thinking in quitting Enscape because of that...

    Hi xsb usually Enscape picks up the same exact same geometry from Revit as the raytracer. So there should be no difference in tessellation. Are you sure the detail level of the view you start Enscape with has the same detail level as the view you used for raytracing? If that's the case we'd be happy to have a look at the family file itself if that'd be possible!

    Regarding navigation: There're multiple settings regarding movement speed in the Enscape settings window ("Input" tab). You might want to reduce the Movement Speed as well as Mouse Speed to navigate such small objects. The default settings are optimized to traverse buildings ;) A XBox Controller or Spacemouse might also help for better and smoother camera control.


    I think it's a Revit 2015 problem.

    I just make some experiments with the "Sample Architecture Family" table and Enscape 2.2:

    - Revit 2015 - "poligonisation" appears with 1cm-diameter extrusion in Enscape

    - Revit 2016 - "poligonisation" does not appear, extrusion is OK in Enscape

    As Revit 2015 is disappearing, I think it's not a big problem.

    Thank you!

    Hi there,

    We're creating some Revit MEP families which are small (3-4cm) and the Enscape visualisation, specially in circular elements, is bad.

    In Revit:

    (Dimension is in mm)

    In Revit Raytrace:

    But, in Enscape:

    Enscape treat circles as hexagons.

    Also, it's a nightmare trying to move into Enscape space with objects this little.

    Is there any solution to that? I know most 3D software has options to modify the "poligonisation", but I don't know how to do this in Enscape.



    We have 2 Enscape licenses. Sometimes we get the "Currently all 2 of 2 floating license slots are used" screen (with the staff photos on it) and we have to guess who is using the licenses, or who left Enscape open.

    I think it would be useful to get some info about the computer that is using the licenses. I think the Revit username may work well, as people working in collaborative files in Revit are used to them.

    Like that, we would get something like "Currently all 2 of 2 floating licenses are used by XXX and YYY".

    What do you think?

    Thank you!

    Hi there,

    Today I've been trying to make some AR-like views. I have a 360 camera, I have real 360 pictures of a building, I have the 3D model of the building in Revit, and I have Enscape.

    My plan was fit the 360 as Skybox, play Enscape, match the position, hide some model parts and generate a new 360. I failed, as I can't match picture and Enscape's field of view since both are linked.

    Could it be possible to regulate Skybox field of view separately of the model, or get some other way to make it work?


    Hi again,

    I'm having an issue with Enscape that I think it could be repaired this way.

    I have a very large Revit model (3GB in 14 linked RVT files). This model takes around 10 minutes to load in Revit (and also 10 minutes in Enscape).

    My computer often runs out of RAM (I only"have 16GB) when Enscape is heavy working, and then Enscape frozes. The problem is that I can't "kill" Enscape process in Windows Task Manager, so I have to kill Revit (which is working fine) and lose 10 minutes opening Revit and other 10 minutes opening Enscape again. If I can kill Enscape process alone, I would save Revit session and simply open Enscape again.

    Would be possible to run Enscape as an independent process, avoiding this kind of problems?

    Thanks, and keep up the good work! :thumbsup:

    Hi there,

    I use often the Video export in Enscape. Even if it's limited to start and end points, with some practise it's possible to do interesting things.

    The fact is, when you save the start (or end) point, it saves the standing point and the target, and then Enscape do a double travelling: one for standing points and one for target points. I think it may be interesting to save other start-end points, to do smooth transitions, such as lens flare or hour of day (and illumination or shadow direction with it).

    With the lens flare start-end transition we could do some bokeh-style effects, and with the hour of day we can get a time-lapse effect or show difference between day and night.

    Thanks in advance, I hope you find this idea useful!

    xsb It should run with ease on a GTX 1080. How much VRAM does your GTX1080 have?

    How are you recognizing the slow performance? Is it running fluently or only with hickups?

    You can get the old lightning by setting the rendering quality to low. You could also test to lower ambient occlusion (or set to "0").

    It is running fluently, but loading time is about triple than in 1.9.6 (about 15min for a big model), and contrast refreshing when moving in Enscape is terribly slow in low light zones, with unacceptable grainy materials and glowing everywhere.

    Processor is I7 7600K. The PC has 32GB of RAM.

    I think it's because the building has no windows (it's a factory) but that wasn't a problem in 1.9.6. Unrealistic light in 1.9.6 worked fantastic for us.

    Some examples:

    [Blocked Image:]

    Quality: Low, high contrast

    [Blocked Image:]

    Quality: Ultra, high contrast

    [Blocked Image:]

    Quality: Ultra, auto contrast

    Hello there,

    We're also back to 1.9.6. Enscape 2.0 is not working for us. Reasons:

    - Performance. Enscape 2 is REALLY slow compared to 1.9.6, for no reason. And we're moving it with a GTX 1080.

    - Light. Our main project nowadays is a building with almost no windows. Where Enscape 1.9.6 works happily, getting good interior light, Enscape 2 gets terrible, grainy, dark light. It's not just "a bit darker" or "a bit more grainy", it is simply unacceptable results.

    I think the new light tracing capabilites are the reason for all this. Hope we can disable this new light tracing and get back to good old 1.9.6 light in new versions.