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    I have a similar issue the past days while using enscape. My Rhino model is 375.000 KB (which I think is not that heavy) and it is already purged. The first days I was working on that file, enscape was working perfectly and suddenly enscape started to be too slow. More specifically, it takes more than 30 minutes to render an image in ultra rendering quality. Furthermore, it takes a lot of time for the enscape to open, in order to reduce that time I loaded my rhino model as worksession in a new file.

    - AMD Software: Adrenaline Edition (version 22.5.1). I downgraded my graphic card on November, in order to solve that the shadows were incorrectly displaying on 3.4 enscape

    - using Rhino 7

    - using enscape

    - computer has been restarted

    Could you please help me resolve this issue?

    Thank you in advance.

    Hi everyone,

    I run the same issue with random shadows casting all over the place (please see the attached image). I have read the previous comments about disabling and enabling the Ray-Traced Sun Shadows, but the problem didn't fix. I have also uninstall and re-install the latest version of Enscape. Also, I have an AMD driver (the 22.10.3 version).

    Could you please help me resolve this issue?

    Thank you in advance.