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    This is great to hear!

    Have you tried with Quest Pro vs Quest 2

    I am trying to gauge what (if any) benefits there are to Quest Pro over Quest 2.

    I was disappointed in the original Quest as we didn't really understand that it would only be useful as a VR photosphere viewer. That navigation of a VR model was not possible. But it served it's purpose.

    With Quest 2 (tethered) can you navigate a model, like you can with a Rift / Rift S?

    Thanks again for finding a way past the Steam + Steam VR. Sounds like it's almost ready for Clients to pick up.

    Hi there - I too am desperately looking for a simple solution here.

    We have a Rift that has worked well enough over the years, but they are phased out.

    Our client wants to buy a rig - soup-to-nuts, computer and everything. But agreed, we can't be managing all of this STEAM business.

    What is the most sure-fire set up right now? I worry the Quest Pro + new computer with 3080 graphics card is going to be a big investment for so much complication. I've yet to hear of anyone on the forum (or internet) successfully and easily using a Quest Pro with Enscape, period.

    Any thoughts?

    We find we are often in need of a long, tall, flowing beach grass. Something that can get up to 3 or 4 feet high. Currently the grass rendering only gets about 6-8 inches tall.

    Current work around is placing vegetation proxies... But this seems like something that could just be dialed up with the grass material tool.